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Adamantisaurus mezzalirai

Adamantisaurus was a titanosaurid, reaching 15 metres in lengh. Only 6 tail vertebrae were found, making it difficult to dtermine its size, but he was probably between 10 and 15 metres lng, had a long neck and tail. He maybe was armored too. He was a palnt eater. Adamantisaurus mezzalirai fossils were found decades ago, but it wasnt until 2006, that they were given an own genus.
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The tail looks a bit sharp on its curve, but it can be forgiven as a perspective thing.

However, the back right leg doesn't look right, unless it's feet point inward (which would make it unstable).

On the plus side, the detail around the head & neck, and your texturing of the hide is really, really looking great these days. Well done.
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thank you :D The leg looks so because the hind legs have only 3 nails, the other two digits doesnt have nails because of that, it seems the foot is turned inwards.
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Each sketch of yours impresses me a little more than the last. Keep up the sweeeeet work. Gotta get my dino fix.
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No, he's right... the right foot IS pointing way too far inwards. The instep of a foot (medial view) doesn't show all three claws the way a front view would. Look at my Puertasaurus for proof, in medial view you can only see the 1st claw of the foot, it's covering the other claws. Sauropod legs and feet could NOT rotate inwards the way you drew the right foot here. In fact in titanosaurs they were often rotated a bit outwards! The left foot looks much better, but why is the rear surface of the left leg broken between the ankle and the knee? There's no reason for a break or a bend in the calf muscle/achilles tendon area. Also the hands look a bit oversized... just a tip.
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which break.? Do you mean the line of the femur that goes into the knee area?(I cant really explain it well-hope you know what i mean). If so, thats a skin fold, it shall show the movement of the leg.
I also made knwo a Histriasaurus, and an "Elliot"- dont know if you "Elliot", its an australian sauropod.
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No I don't mean the skin fold (although that is wrong too but not as big an issue).

I'm talking about a break in the lower leg, below the knee and the skin fold. Roughly halfway between the foot and the knee there is a break in the lower left leg where it bends backwards. Sauropods don't have a backward break or bend in their tibia, it just looks weird.
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the tail looks a little bit odd...
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