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Achillobator giganticus

Achillobator, the second largest dromaeosaur.
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All right! It's nice to see this big raptor getting some recognition!
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Interestingly, the feathers of fingers effectively limited their use to capture...
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The way his arms are folded makes him look slightly ridiculous, and yet somehow he's still terrifying to look at; As if he was saying, 'I don't care how dumb you think I look - I can still ruin your day in a heartbeat'.
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You mean the way his arms are folded make him look realistic? 
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Awesome raptor artwork!:)
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In real life it was the third largest, the second was the Austroraptor, and the biggest was the Utahraptor
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austroraptor isnt bigger, both are in the 5 metres range
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Really cool, love it! ^^
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Maybe the third largest Dromaeosaurid. ^^
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I dont think that austroraptor was bigger, or is there another one I dont know of?
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Not Austroraptor, an unnamed Dromaeosaurid from England just known with big teeth, probably nearly of the size of Utahraptor.
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ah yes, I´ve heard of this years ago in a documentary, right. Well,lets hope that beast gets a name soon :D
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Tha's sure! Sometimes I make unnamed fossils (in SPORE) and I give them a name, for example, the giant French Titanosaur (I named it Gallikatitan). Maybe I'll do this with this Raptor.
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never heard of this one before, looks dangerous, nice drawing
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