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Abelisaurus comahuensis

Abelisaurus, oh my god you cant imagine how often I tried to draw this big guy. Now I finally managed to get the right head shape. Abelisaurus is one of the biggest abelisaurids and the one who gave the family its name. Only a skull was found which measured 85 cm long while still incomplete.
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that looks awsome
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Thank you! You drew one of my fav' theropods! :D
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Really amazing, your anatomy of the animals is spot on!
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thanks, always nice to hear that :D
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Awesome Abelisaurus, quite a unique head for an abelisaurid, but then again they all have weird heads.
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really?, I think it actually looks pretty standard for an abelisaurs head. I mean it doesnt has many little horns on its head that would make it look distinct. But maybe its that what makes its head look a bit unique......
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It looks amazing and well done
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