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Stegosaurus by Teratophoneus Stegosaurus :iconteratophoneus:Teratophoneus 160 15 Opisthocoelicaudia skarzynskii by Teratophoneus Opisthocoelicaudia skarzynskii :iconteratophoneus:Teratophoneus 113 5 Suchomimus tenerensis by Teratophoneus Suchomimus tenerensis :iconteratophoneus:Teratophoneus 249 14 Dynamoterror dynastes by Teratophoneus Dynamoterror dynastes :iconteratophoneus:Teratophoneus 184 20 Orkoraptor burkei by Teratophoneus Orkoraptor burkei :iconteratophoneus:Teratophoneus 143 22 Eocarcharia dinops by Teratophoneus Eocarcharia dinops :iconteratophoneus:Teratophoneus 185 14 Siats meekerorum by Teratophoneus Siats meekerorum :iconteratophoneus:Teratophoneus 176 9 Kaiju redesign King Caesar by Teratophoneus Kaiju redesign King Caesar :iconteratophoneus:Teratophoneus 107 5 Rhamphorhynchus muensteri by Teratophoneus Rhamphorhynchus muensteri :iconteratophoneus:Teratophoneus 110 7 Kaiju redesign Varan by Teratophoneus Kaiju redesign Varan :iconteratophoneus:Teratophoneus 192 9 Oxalaia quilombensis by Teratophoneus Oxalaia quilombensis :iconteratophoneus:Teratophoneus 249 12 Kaiju redesign Titanosaurus by Teratophoneus Kaiju redesign Titanosaurus :iconteratophoneus:Teratophoneus 211 20 Astrophocaudia slaughteri by Teratophoneus Astrophocaudia slaughteri :iconteratophoneus:Teratophoneus 123 3 Mandasuchus tanyauchen by Teratophoneus Mandasuchus tanyauchen :iconteratophoneus:Teratophoneus 177 8 Tratayenia rosalesi by Teratophoneus Tratayenia rosalesi :iconteratophoneus:Teratophoneus 181 11 Postosuchus Kirkpatricki by Teratophoneus Postosuchus Kirkpatricki :iconteratophoneus:Teratophoneus 205 23


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It really was a bout time I draw an up to date stegosaurus. Stegosaurus is the fav dinosaur of my sister. I decided for a much differnt plate desing with keratinuos spikes adorning the plates. It really looks cool.
S. stenops is the best known species of stegosaurus tough not the biggest as S. ungulatus could grow up to 9 metres in length making it one of the largest stegosaurs.
Opisthocoelicaudia skarzynskii
Based  up on scott hartmans… skeletal reconstruction…
I´ve done this dinosaur a few months ago and then scotts excellent skeletal came out, completeley changing the appearence of this dinosaur. I therefore decided to do a new drastically updated version based up on scotts latest skeletal of the animal. Opisthocoelicuaida is on e of those dinosaurs that you have to wonder what the palaeontologists who named it were smokin...try to say its name 5 times in a row.Anyways, it  was a saltasaurid and has its own subfamily in saltasauridae, opisthocoelidaudinae which also probably includes the gigantic alamosaurus. Opisthocoelicaudia might be synonymous with nemegtosaurus . Funnily enough opisthocoelicaudias skeleton is almost complete only lacking the skull and neck while nemegtosaurus is known from a complete skull. Anyways, since childhood I always remeber this dinosaur as the headless monster.
Call me crazy but I think that  opisthocoelicaudia  is probably the most beautiful sauropod. It doenst look as freaky as some other sauropods, it has an elegant appearence despite the thicc legs. It just looks so balanced . This is by far my best sauropod so far, I love how this one turned out.
Suchomimus tenerensis
One of the most difficult dinosaurs to draw for me for some reason. Suchomimus a giant spinosaur from north africa . At 11 metres long ,suchomimus was a very large theropod with a very elongated croc like snout. It probably fed mainly on fish.
Dynamoterror dynastes
Dynamoterror a new tyrannosaurid from new mexico. Finally a new tyrannosaur, definetely have to put him into my size chart. Not totally satisfied with the reconstruction tho, like how the head came out but the pose is too generic for such a cool new genus.
Orkoraptor burkei requested orkoraptor some time ago so here you go, orkoraptor was a large predatory dinosaur from south america . It lived in the late cretaceous.
if you ever wondered how I look, how I talk etc, my sister and I just made a sibling tag for her youtube channel so if you wanna check us out  here ya go


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Robinson Kunz
Current Residence: Germany
Favourite style of art: PalaeoArt
Shell of choice: the shell of a tank?!
Skin of choice: Feathers hairs and of course scales
Favourite cartoon character: annoying orange, Kitty katswell
Personal Quote: T rex rules!


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PekkaMemester Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Why haven`t you drawn Indominus rex yet?
Teratophoneus Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2018
cuz I´m not a big fan of the hybrid dinosaurs in JW,I only drew indoraptor for the the hypetrain
PekkaMemester Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh OK...
deinocheirusmaster Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You should draw Siats meekerorum next. just an idea.
Teratophoneus Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2018
definetely on my high priority list!
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troodon is now considered dubious
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DangerNoodleKing Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2018
What are some tips that you would recommend for producing art as detailed and as realistic/close to the reference you are drawing from? 
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