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Monthly Creep

Every month, one deviation will be chosen among those that have been submitted in the last month and will be displayed here.

This month's choice:

WiTcH by Kurumii-chan
by :iconkurumii-chan: Kurumii-chan

Villains with style - WINNER

Done by :iconmygrimmbrother:mygrimmbrother

Judge Dredd by CreepyCatProductions


What is a monster?

"Every being, real or imaginary, human or non-human that exceeds the norm or the ordinary; something extraordinary, be it horrible or wonderful in a physical or moral manner."

With this we want to express that a monster doesn't have to be horrible. It's the wonderful thought that something anomalous or something different, sometimes even scary in appearance, can be beautiful and familiar. Something on which you can project your fears, your desires, your ideals, making the impossible something real with a little imagination.

Thus is born Teratophilia, from the greek teratos, meaning monster, and philia, meaning love and friendship. So let there be love for our monster friends and weirdos alike. :heart:


Finn: Is this really my life?
Is this how my story ends?
Bein' in this body,
Seems like a battle that I cannot win.
Maybe I should lay my head down slow,
And sleep until it's all over,
Is this the end,
of the hero boy named Finn?
HECK NO! Darn it, no! This isn't how I go!
I'm gonna kill it!
I'm gonna kick life's butt,
and win it, to win it.
I'm gonna take life's name,
and spit on it! And kick it!
Life can just go eat it,
cause' this is a man's game!
Finn: Get up, Gork!
Gork: Huh? Why?
Finn: I'm not gonna let you lie here,
and waste away,
you better get up, Gork or I'll kick you up,
today's the day!
Gork: Whoa. Okay man, just be cool.
Finn: And I'm not gonna be cool!
Cause I'm pipin' hot!
Get up, Trudy, get up, Kim.
I'm not gonna let you rot!
Jake: Hey, Finn.
Finn: Ja-a-a-ke, stop tellin' me to enjoy,
bein' a foot, and get out of that trash!
Jake: Heh heh. I can't take you seriously when you're singing, man.
Finn: Get up! All of you make me sick!
I'll fix you with my kicks!
Gonna reconstruct your self worth,
brick by emotional brick.

The hero boy named Finn, Finn the human, Adventure Time (Freak City).

Adventure Time by dragonalth:thumb217509856: Adventure Time Cover by Yamino

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Misty in swimsuit by Lotikmac
Original Art
Trace Illiot by TwistedWytch

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Mermay I by Shinaiya
MerMay by georgiaXpaige
Ashtar Sheran x Kielsa by Nicatoons

Mature Content


Slippy Thing by VarianN freak Stamp by zilla774 Stamp. by Trynnie normal people scare me by Moowna Death - Stamp by MDKofDOOM:thumb88121399: Weird Stamp by Kojima2087 Weird Support by i-am-anonymous I'm Weird by renatalmar Fantasy is my Reality stamp by purgatori I Support Imagination stamp by c3ph31d I Believe In Nargles by Foxxie-Chan Spooky Stamp by ArtistMeli:thumb26562407::thumb102031019: :thumb62201258: :thumb137066064:

What we love:
my goth stamp by CruelCat Stamp: I love the darkness by Esther-Sanz DarkneSS stamp by DeviantSith I Support Dark Art Stamp by alucard07 I love vampires by lauritah :thumb91152348: :thumb91728718: plain xenophilia stamp by In-Tays-Head
:thumb91267899: I support monsters -stamp by Sysirauta :thumb127921574: DAU Hybrid by Diabolo-Spinner Robot stamp by PirateQueenErin :thumb91926662: Villains Rule XIV by renatalmar :thumb112689813: Ouija Board Stamp by Faunwand Support Halloween stamp by DeviantSith RaVeN stamp by DeviantSith .:: Howl At The Moon STAMP ::. by KovoWolf Men in Masks by CopyOfMe Aliens Are Cool by renatalmar

More fandom related stamps here!:dance:


Exquisite heart of an executed girl animated by softsai
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Exquisite heart of an executed girl animated :iconsoftsai:softsai 66 8
Sketch 223 by shoker2008
Mature content
Sketch 223 :iconshoker2008:shoker2008 14 2
Bloodthirst by TheMystiqueStarlight
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Bloodthirst :iconthemystiquestarlight:TheMystiqueStarlight 10 3
Anthro cow girl transformation by Cyberalbi Anthro cow girl transformation :iconcyberalbi:Cyberalbi 88 10 Nude dolphin mermaid girl swimming - fantasy art by Cyberalbi Nude dolphin mermaid girl swimming - fantasy art :iconcyberalbi:Cyberalbi 75 8 Prehistoric monster fish by Cyberalbi Prehistoric monster fish :iconcyberalbi:Cyberalbi 11 0 Space Goofs: EtnoXDanni Drawing Dump #4 by Lizlovestoons12 Space Goofs: EtnoXDanni Drawing Dump #4 :iconlizlovestoons12:Lizlovestoons12 18 24 Loki-god of fire by VeronikaDark Loki-god of fire :iconveronikadark:VeronikaDark 49 8 Loki by VeronikaDark Loki :iconveronikadark:VeronikaDark 210 10 Loki (Thor) by VeronikaDark Loki (Thor) :iconveronikadark:VeronikaDark 93 13 Loki (The Avengers) by VeronikaDark Loki (The Avengers) :iconveronikadark:VeronikaDark 140 5 Loki (Thor) (in color) by VeronikaDark Loki (Thor) (in color) :iconveronikadark:VeronikaDark 58 13 Lady Loki by VeronikaDark Lady Loki :iconveronikadark:VeronikaDark 71 10 Spooks by J-Dove Spooks :iconj-dove:J-Dove 13 3 That Voodoo you do by J-Dove That Voodoo you do :iconj-dove:J-Dove 10 2 First Self Portrait+first Success graphic in PS. by Julezmaniac First Self Portrait+first Success graphic in PS. :iconjulezmaniac:Julezmaniac 3 0

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Terato Quotes! Scroll down to see and have fun^^

Commission-me Service Scroll down to see the artist adds.

Contribute in the donation pools in our profiles (Violette-Anersuthnmeh)to keep our group super. Donate over 200 points and you will get a free sketch :la:


Journal Entry: Mon Sep 10, 2012, 7:43 AM

The Gods I Created by Capestranus

Congratulations! It's time to claim your prize! Tell us what you would like drawn!

We hope to see more participants next time :iconshakefishplz: PLEASE.


We've stalled it long enough. Time to vote!
:thumb300940110: by :icondagoth-jeff:
The Gods I Created by Capestranus by :iconcapestranus:
Cooking Issues by Dragon-Star-Empress by :icondragon-star-empress:
Referr to this poll for your vote: teratophilia-club.deviantart.c…

Due to the lack of entries in this contest, we'd like to ask your reasons for not participating. We will make a poll in the future, but you can tell us here in a comment. It'll be very helpful in future activities.


Due to the lack of entries, we are postponing the "AIs and robots with an issue" contest due date one more week to give one last chance to whoever wants to participate. From that date the voting will begin.

Participants so far:
:thumb300940110: by :icondagoth-jeff:
The Gods I Created by Capestranus by :iconcapestranus:
Cooking Issues by Dragon-Star-Empress by :icondragon-star-empress:


So two months ago we opened a new contest for "Robots and AIs with an issue". We've been waiting all this time and we only have one entry. So we decided that if by August 1st there are no new entries, we will close the contest and name dagoth-jeff, our only brave participant to date, the winner.

Come on, people! Do we need to remind you all what the prize is? Look at the past examples!
Judge Dredd by CreepyCatProductions Contest prize 1: Abe and Edith by CreepyCatProductions Evil tastes Good by CreepyCatProductions
Icon for DragonFoxx70 by CreepyCatProductions Sovv with a cockatiel - for High-Guard by CreepyCatProductions Widdle Dwagon by CreepyCatProductions Sovv dancing by CreepyCatProductions Donatello for Tarpalsfan by CreepyCatProductions

Jump in! Go on! It's summer, you've plenty of time! You have no excuse! DO IT DANGIT!

No pressure^^


We already have our first entry for our contest "Robots and AIs with a issue". Our first contestant is :icondagoth-jeff:  and his entry is this one:

Take a moment of your time and read it, because it worth it :)


It appears as though the club has been growing a thick layer of dust and lichen from lack of use... So it's about time we proposed a new contest!

TOPIC: "Robots and AIs with an issue" - Emphasys on ISSUE.
PRIZE: As always, one drawing made by Violette-Aner and suthnmeh.
DUE DATE: July 1st

Need ideas? - Legion and EDI from Mass Efffect, Sonny from I, Robot, anything Asimov, Data from Star Treck, GLaDOS and Wheatly from Portal, Everyone in Ghost in the Shell, Atom from Real Steel, Astroboy, XR from BLoSC, Bender B. Rodriguez from Futurama, WALL-E and EVE, Johnny 5 from Shortcircuit...

A reminder: you can contribute to maintain our club's premium status by donating in our front pages: :iconviolette-aner: :iconsuthnmeh:

Also check out the new teratoquote! Mass Effect-related :eyes: (scroll down on front page)


It's finally done... We appologize for the delay. Here it be:
Judge Dredd by CreepyCatProductions

AND we're starting to be in serious need for points. Our premium group subscription will expire in January. To donate points, do so in these accounts: :iconviolette-aner: :iconsuthnmeh: Thank you for the support, fellow members!


I inform you that a fellow group, #WHATS-THE-PIONT, is holding a Zombie Santa contest that maybe could be interesting for you, dear members so  if you want to know more about it, here is the info link:…

Scroll down to see it :)


:iconmygrimmbrother: mygrimmbrother! Congratulations! Now is time for you to tell us what  you want as prize ;)
we also thank everybody for participating in our contest.


Well dear members, the time for submitting an entry for our contest is up; our last entry belongs to :icondragonfoxx70: ^^ Check it out:

:bulletred: Doof 4 Teratophilia Club by Dragonfoxx70

Soon we will create a poll to begin the voting :)


As the title said we have two more entries for our contest:icontarddanceplz:. Check it out!:
:bulletred: Samael - Harvester Of Souls by Nero-tbs

Mature Content

The Flapper by MissCreepington


Wow! So much entries! that's awesome :dance: As you can see, the first ones are of our favourite nazi ninja assassin zombie, Karl Ruprecht Kroenen:D :iconkroenenplz: and the next two are a memory of our Dark Ages and a pic of my favourite kind of alien, a Xenomorph
Here they are!:

:bulletred: Hitlers Todesengel Nummer 1 by Paulette14498 done by :iconpaulette14498:
:bulletred::thumb244564822: done by :icontheskadebjerg:
:bulletred::thumb196435736: both done by :iconmygrimmbrother:

Now is your turn, guys and gals!:D Waiting for more;)


Well, this is so great because now we  have two more entries for our "Villains with Style" Contest. Here they are:

:bulletred::thumb213699801: done by :iconsareenavonshinnok:SaReeNavonShinnok
:bulletred::thumb244298395: written by :icondagoth-jeff:dagoth-jeff

We are still waiting for your entries, fellow members!:)


Let us remind you dear members that the due date for the contest is August 5th, which is right around the corner! And we only have one participant! So get to work, people!!! :shakefish:


At last we have our three first entries for our Villains with Style contest!:dance: All of them made by:iconravinwood:RavinWood Here they are:
:bulletred: KP-R Villains by RavinWood
:bulletred: Hail the Queen by RavinWood
:bulletred: KP-R THE MALEVALENCE OF ZORPOX by RavinWood

Now is your time to do your own entries my fellow members!

By the way, I also want to promote the cool contest is already running in :iconthegungancafe: here are the bases:…
I highly encourage you all that are also members of this club to join their fabulous contest!


This came in a note from AliceSacco :

Anti-ACTA Flyer by Drakose
Did you remember ACTA? At that time i've laught, because that project was ambitious and actually is IMPOSSIBLE to apply this to the whole world.
But, starting from my country, they're appling this, slowly, time by time in every country.
Next week they will apply this in Italy. I guess in few years this will be extended maybe in France, In Spain or in Romania (for example, i don't know who will be the next), after will be turn of Germany, England or Japan... and so until this will be applied to all world and every nation will have his own way to make respect the new law.
So, sign here. Even if you live out from Italy and you can't read this. Your country may be next!…

For those of you who feel lost in this page, basically you just have to leave your name and email and look for your country to sign. Nome=name.


We were wondering if you found it difficult to find the right folder for your submitions and if there's any category that's confusing or unnecessary. You can make suggestions if you'd like additional categories as well.

And don't forget there's a contest taking place! As usual all the info and submitions to the contest will be displayed in our front page. The prize, like with the previous contests, will one amazingly full of awesome epic win drawing made by Violette-Aner and suthnmeh.

We just had the idea to suggest a list of villains for you to get your brain gears moving.
:bulletred:Wicked Queen
:bulletred:Darth Vader
:bulletred:Mother Gothel
:bulletred:Doctor Facilier
:bulletred:Cruella De Vil
:bulletred:Captain Hook
:bulletred:Shere Khan
:bulletred:Karl Ruprecht Kroenen
:bulletred:Evil Emperor Zurg

Needless to say, you can interpret "style" to your advantage *wink wink*. We hear in Ponyland, pink ribbons are hip.

Good luck!


In our latest poll the most voted idea for a new contest is "Villains with style" and "AI's and Robots with an issue" came in a very close second place. In fact it's so close we'll probably make the next contest about that.

So NEW CONTEST!! Villains with style! Please don't all draw Megamind. We know he's devilishly stylish and good-looking and the Megamind fever is still pretty fresh. Same goes for Gru! That means you! There are many villains out there that deserve your love. Or your fear... or... loyal brainless service...

You have two months! Due date is August 5th. Don't leave it for the very last week, or you will die in sever days! That is before the end of the contest, yes! Not counting holidays! Not even Martin Luther King!

Winner will get a free drawing made by suthnmeh and Violette-Aner, as usual.

Good luck!


All previous entries can be hereby located in the "Old Journal". However, we will remind you about the past entry, so as to keep promoting it:


We wish to promote a very interesting proposal from Anatomical-Automaton and her partner in crime kitsune2022, who have put together an Original Character Tournament here RouletteCityOCT. Do take a look, we believe it's worth it.

The auditioning closes June 23rd

To know more about what an OCT is, look here:…

More Journal Entries

Commission-me Service

:iconviolette-aner:Violette-Aner Price list:
Buzz and Jessie dancing by Violette-Aner

:iconsuthnmeh:suthnmeh Price list:…
Megamind - Who's bad by suthnmeh

:iconcreepycatproductions:CreepyCatProductions Price List: same as with suthnmeh and Violette-Aner
Blue Pride Parade by CreepyCatProductions

:icondrcrafty:DrCrafty Price List:…
Green Detective: Mr Slenderman by DrCrafty

Price list included in the Artist's Comments of the pic below












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