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WiTcH by Kurumii-chan
by :iconkurumii-chan: Kurumii-chan

Villains with style - WINNER

Done by :iconmygrimmbrother:mygrimmbrother

Judge Dredd by CreepyCatProductions


What is a monster?

"Every being, real or imaginary, human or non-human that exceeds the norm or the ordinary; something extraordinary, be it horrible or wonderful in a physical or moral manner."

With this we want to express that a monster doesn't have to be horrible. It's the wonderful thought that something anomalous or something different, sometimes even scary in appearance, can be beautiful and familiar. Something on which you can project your fears, your desires, your ideals, making the impossible something real with a little imagination.

Thus is born Teratophilia, from the greek teratos, meaning monster, and philia, meaning love and friendship. So let there be love for our monster friends and weirdos alike. :heart:


Finn: Is this really my life?
Is this how my story ends?
Bein' in this body,
Seems like a battle that I cannot win.
Maybe I should lay my head down slow,
And sleep until it's all over,
Is this the end,
of the hero boy named Finn?
HECK NO! Darn it, no! This isn't how I go!
I'm gonna kill it!
I'm gonna kick life's butt,
and win it, to win it.
I'm gonna take life's name,
and spit on it! And kick it!
Life can just go eat it,
cause' this is a man's game!
Finn: Get up, Gork!
Gork: Huh? Why?
Finn: I'm not gonna let you lie here,
and waste away,
you better get up, Gork or I'll kick you up,
today's the day!
Gork: Whoa. Okay man, just be cool.
Finn: And I'm not gonna be cool!
Cause I'm pipin' hot!
Get up, Trudy, get up, Kim.
I'm not gonna let you rot!
Jake: Hey, Finn.
Finn: Ja-a-a-ke, stop tellin' me to enjoy,
bein' a foot, and get out of that trash!
Jake: Heh heh. I can't take you seriously when you're singing, man.
Finn: Get up! All of you make me sick!
I'll fix you with my kicks!
Gonna reconstruct your self worth,
brick by emotional brick.

The hero boy named Finn, Finn the human, Adventure Time (Freak City).

Adventure Time by dragonalth:thumb217509856: Adventure Time Cover by Yamino

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Mature Content

Mature Content

SkekSa's Rebel Angels chapter 02Chapter 02: All Aboard Gwiseon “Mmmmgh....Uuuugh! What happened.” A stranded Ur-Ru Mystic thought to herself as she wakes from her many trine long sleep. As the Ur-Ru fully regains consciousness, she finds herself on moist, swampy ground. The stench was fetid as usual, with uncomfortably humid weather to add to it all. The Ur-Ru also tried to swat away many insects that started to swarm around her. “Ohhhh....So unbearable...But what can I do?” While the Ur-Ru wandered the swamp a little more, her bemusement turned to horror, as she sees a wrecked tree with The Darkening energy coming out of it. The Ur-Ru looks down at two of her three remaining hands, noticing dark pulses flowing through her ancient veins. “'t be happening.... My dark half....” It finally dawns on the Ur-Ru that her dark half has escaped confinement after many trine has passed. Since the Ur-Ru is now free, that means one thing to her: Her dark half has been freed as well! “No....No....All that work....To protect the Gelflings I befriended....” The Ur-Ru stutters in horror. “It....It has been.....all in vain! But how....? How can this possibly happen?” To add to everything going awry, the Ur-Ru has to deal with the fact that The Darkening has latched onto her. But still, since she is an Ur-Ru Mystic, she still had the ability to keep her mind incorruptible, since she is the light half of the foreign beings that visit Thra many ages ago. The Ur-Ru knew she had to warn the others of her dark half being freed, but how? How was going to do that? The Ur-Ru felt rather helpless at this moment of her revival. For now, all the Ur-Ru can do, was rest up, as well as get used to her surroundings once more, after being sealed up for so long. --- “Mmmgh (yawn)...Time to wake up and continue....” Freyja yawn as she has finally awakened, restored to her normal Valkyrie form. “Huh? What the...? What happened?” Freyja notices that she is in a large room, located what appears to be a ship made of flesh and bones. In this same room, she noticed her other Valkyrie companions were fast asleep in their bed, not once did they snore nor drool. “Ah, thank goodness my friends are here with me. I wouldn't know what to do without them.” Freyja then looks at the outfit she is currently wearing. She was no longer wearing her Valkyrie armor. Freyja was now clad in a cream white babydoll gown, with beige lace and red rose decals. Her legs were also clad in thigh high white silk stocking with red bows on the beige lace. The silky smooth intimate apparel felt wonderful up against Freyja's soft, yet well toned flesh. “Well, at least I am wearing an outfit that is sexy and feels good at the same time. So at least there is that.” While she about to leave her room, Freyja notices that this room is separated off another room, with only a royal purple satin curtain to separate them from one another. When Freyja opened the curtain, she notices a large empty bed, all perfectly made, as if no one ever slept in it to begin with. Freyja assumes that this is SkekSa's bed chamber. As well as SkekSa being awake, doing whatever, inside this bizarre structure. Also, Freyja notices another room set off the main bedchamber, also separated by a purple satin curtain. Just as Freyja was checking out her surroundings, three familiar female figures come out of the second bed chamber, eager to greet the Valkyrie. The first female figure was a succubus demon of the Earth element. Her hair was jade green, styled up in what appears to be an Afro style, with a pink bow on one of her horns. Her eyes were a tangerine shade, her lips being green, her body petite, yet shapely. She wore an revealing outfit consisting of a top and skirt that delicately wrap around her nubile body, as well as being decked out in jewelry made from precious materials. Since she was a succubus of the Earth element, she has jade green, talon-likehands, feet and tail with some gold feathers at the end, as well as a small set of gold feathered wings on her back. This figure was Namaah, one of the three female subjects of King Scratch and Queen Alk. The second female figure was a succubus demon of the Fire element. Her hair was a dark blue-green shade, styled short in back, and long in front, with bangs covering her forehead. Her eyes were amber yellow, her skin was a cherry red, her wings having black dragon wings, her hands, feet and tail being a dark midnight blue. She wore an outfit consisting of a gold bejeweled bustier, a silver g-string laced with gold, a dark green shawl, and long silver toe-less stockings, showing off the succubus' talon feet. This figure was Agrat, the second female subject of King Scratch and Queen Alk. The third female figure was a succubus demon of the Water and Ice element. Her hair was a pale silver color, her metallic hued locks being long enough to flow down to her wrists. Her pale silver hair gave off iridescent shines of lavender and sky blue when light touches it. Her eyes were ice blue, her skin a deep azure shade, her wings being more like translucent blue-green fish tail fins, with her webbed hands, tail with a fin at the end, and webbed feet being a darker blue green hue. Her outfit consists of a crimson sling shot style leotard with the top part being seashell like, a pink floral sarong wrapped around the waist, pink floral finger-less gloves with silver bracelets, and a pair of red ankle warmers laced with silver. This figure as Lilin, the third female subject of King Scratch and Queen Alk. Freyja was relieved to seem some familiar faces from her past, that her darkened eyes widen with joy. “Ah...Lady Namaah, Lady Agrat, Lady Lilin.....! It is a pleasure you came here. I thought I would never see you all again.” “It is a pleasure to accompany you our Princess.” Lilin said in relief, as the group of divine women hugged each other, being overjoyed to be re-united. “Oh Princess! I am happy to see you again!” Namaah cheered in delight. “What brings you all here?” Freyja asked curiously, as the group ceased the hugging. The three elemental succubi put out their talon hands, so they can hold onto each other. Agrat spoke first. “Here, we will show you while dream fasting. Hold on dear ladies.” --- The image before the ladies showed an image of SkekSa and the fallen Valkyries being transformed into crystal shards by no one other then Freyja's estranged lover, Prince Baal. The insect like fallen angel prince puts the crystal shards into his leather pouch attached to his belt, as he teleports himself back to his Helheim home world of Sheol Kingdom. Freyja was feeling intense joy with the vision she saw, with liquid Darkening tears pouring down her face. “Ah....Awww...It's my love! My Lord Baal hasn't forgotten about me after all!” “Our Prince of Sheol still thinks of you, even when you were forced to go back to Godheim.” Lilin said to Freyja as the image of Prince Baal making his way back to Sheol was fresh in their minds. “That is very sweet of him.” Freyja said in relief. “I'm very happy. (sniff) (sob)” Now the image switched to Prince Baal greeting his royal family and the three Succubus subjects. The first to greet Prince Baal, is his father, King Scratch. King Scratch was a unique looking fallen angel, with a completely noseless visage with no visible holes, which resembles that of a dark fanged, crimson eyed toad with whiskers. Strangely enough, King Scratch uses his whisker for picking up scents, kind of like how insect like creatures use antennae to smell. He had crimson hued clawed hands, clawed talon like feet, and a long red tail that hung from his dark robes and overcoat. Upon his head, King Scratch wore a dark bejeweled turban with his horns nestled withing the dark cloth. The next figure to greet Prince Baal, was his mother, Queen Alk, a succubus of the Wind element. Queen Alk has very long, golden blonde hair, that was decorated with a bunch of small braids here and there. Her eyes were garnet red, her clawed hands, talon feet, and tail being a light mint green color. Her wings and the feathers on her tail, were pure white like snow. Her outfit was similar to that of a belly dancer, with a royal purple brassiere laced in gold, a low cut skirt with the colors of pink and lavender, limbs dripping with jewelry made from the most precious of materials, and a red ribbon tied around her lower right leg. The last figure to join the Sheol royal family, was Prince Baal's sworn sister, a little doll demon named Princess Halja. Princess Halja was an albino with pale white hair, milky white skin with pink eyes, the typical trait of most type of albino creatures. She wore a cute outfit of a ruby red dress with puffy sleeves, a black and white apron draped over the dress, yellow stockings, and little red, flat heeled slippers. She wore a red bow headband on top her pale head. Freyja was feeling quite relieved with seeing the Sheol royal family doing so well in her absence. “I'm glad the Sheol royal family is doing well.” Freyja said calmly. “Baal brought you all in crystal shard form, to keep you all safe.” Agrat explains. “While in good hands, the Sheol family has worked on a big project to help you all get back on your feet.” Namaah added to the conversation, now, with a new vision appearing before them. The vision presented, showed the maidens a group of souls the Sheol royal family gathered, putting together something rather bizarre, yet very useful. The group of souls gathered a bunch of giant, monstrous bones, invertebrate, a giant, super strong, spiky, metallic tortoise shell, some hides from various giant hell beasts, a huge hide sail, and a group of cannons used to protection. While putting this odd object together, the hard working souls built what appeared to be bone chambers, rooms and corridors in what appears to be a hybrid of sailing ship and a living, organic being. If this was made by mere mortal beings, the labor would take days, weeks, or perhaps even years. But in the divine light and dark realms, time runs differently from mortal realms. Just as the ship was prepared, put together, it then suddenly became complete, only for two things to complete it. That is, giving the creature ship a drink of revival wine to bring it to life, as well as a whistle created from precious opal stones. “Behold! The servants of Sheol have created you all a new sailing home: A Leviathan ship, known as Gwiseon.” Lilin exclaimed in an energetic tone. “Gwiseon is far more superior to the old vessel once known as Vassa.” Namaah added. “Unlike Vassa, Gwiseon will only obey you all, and no one else. Not to mention that she has some devastating attack abilities Vassa never had. ” “How intriguing...” Freyja replied, wanting to know more from this dreamfast session. “Also, we gave you all an enchanted opal whistle for you to summon her whenever you reach dry land.” Agrat explains. “Right now, the opal whistle is in SkekSa's hands. She is busy with getting a hang of this biological vessel as we are speaking.” The final image shows Prince Baal entering Gwiseon with not only the crystal shards, but with Namaah, Agrat and Lilin by his side. The female figures being transformed back into their default forms by Prince Baal, but before he did that, he gave everyone new outfits. SkekSa was given a new pirate outfit consisting of some sort of dark trench coat, a brand new feathered headdress, new trousers and new boots, free of holes. The four Valkryies were given bed time negligees to wear, as they were still super sleepy from trailing along The Great Sog. While the Valkyries were sleeping in their own beds in one of the two bed chambers situated off the main bedchamber, Prince Baal and the three royal subjects were having a conversation with SkekSa, giving her an idea of how Gwiseon works, as well as other information that shall come in handy. “Agrat, Namaah, and I were sent here by Prince Baal to keep you all company on your sea faring journeys.” Lilin explains to Freyja about the vision before them. “When you contact my Prince Baal, I want you all to thank him for his hospitality in much needed times.” Freyja replied back. “We will our dear Princess.” Namaah said back to Freyja. “We will do whatever you all can to help settle into things.” Right there, the dreamfasting session ended, as the divine ladies let got of each others hands, returning back to current times. “So, we are inside a living Leviathan vessel, known as Gwiseon, correct?” Freyja asked the succubus trio. “Indeed we are.” Agrat replied with a soft smile on her crimson face. “Isn't she amazing.” “Yes she is indeed.” Freyja said back to Agrat. “It is like nothing I have ever experienced in my long lasting life.” Freyja, Namaah, Agrat, and Lilin all killed time by spending it with each, until the other Valkyries have awakened, and SkekSa was done getting a hold of how Gwiseon works. It was going to be a long sea faring journey, but a very intriguing journey as well. Starting today, the journey of a life time is going to begin: The journey of SkekSa and her rebel angels....


Slippy Thing by VarianN freak Stamp by zilla774 Stamp. by Trynnie normal people scare me by Moowna Death - Stamp by MDKofDOOM:thumb88121399: Weird Stamp by Kojima2087 Weird Support by i-am-anonymous I'm Weird by renatalmar Fantasy is my Reality stamp by purgatori I Support Imagination stamp by c3ph31d I Believe In Nargles by Foxxie-Chan Spooky Stamp by ArtistMeli:thumb26562407::thumb102031019: :thumb62201258: :thumb137066064:

What we love:
my goth stamp by CruelCat Stamp: I love the darkness by Esther-Sanz DarkneSS stamp by DeviantSith I Support Dark Art Stamp by alucard07 I love vampires by lauritah :thumb91152348: :thumb91728718: plain xenophilia stamp by In-Tays-Head
:thumb91267899: I support monsters -stamp by Sysirauta :thumb127921574: :thumb109215854: Robot stamp by PirateQueenErin :thumb91926662: Villains Rule XIV by renatalmar :thumb112689813: Ouija Board Stamp by Faunwand Support Halloween stamp by DeviantSith RaVeN stamp by DeviantSith .:: Howl At The Moon STAMP ::. by KovoWolf :thumb108934740: Aliens Are Cool by renatalmar

More fandom related stamps here!:dance:


Little mermaid girl by Cyberalbi Little mermaid girl :iconcyberalbi:Cyberalbi 32 1
Fantasy art and animal transformation Video :iconcyberalbi:Cyberalbi 16 0
Anthro bear transformation - Miniature Video :iconcyberalbi:Cyberalbi 30 0
Tree girl transformation :iconcyberalbi:Cyberalbi 23 0
Exquisite heart of an executed girl animated by softsai
Mature content
Exquisite heart of an executed girl animated :iconsoftsai:softsai 69 8
Sketch 223 by shoker2008
Mature content
Sketch 223 :iconshoker2008:shoker2008 14 2
Bloodthirst by TheMystiqueStarlight
Mature content
Bloodthirst :iconthemystiquestarlight:TheMystiqueStarlight 10 3
Anthro cow girl transformation by Cyberalbi Anthro cow girl transformation :iconcyberalbi:Cyberalbi 92 10 Nude dolphin mermaid girl swimming - fantasy art by Cyberalbi Nude dolphin mermaid girl swimming - fantasy art :iconcyberalbi:Cyberalbi 84 8 Prehistoric monster fish by Cyberalbi Prehistoric monster fish :iconcyberalbi:Cyberalbi 12 0 Space Goofs: EtnoXDanni Drawing Dump #4 by Lizlovestoons12 Space Goofs: EtnoXDanni Drawing Dump #4 :iconlizlovestoons12:Lizlovestoons12 17 24 Loki-god of fire by VeronikaDark Loki-god of fire :iconveronikadark:VeronikaDark 48 8 Loki by VeronikaDark Loki :iconveronikadark:VeronikaDark 226 10 Loki (Thor) by VeronikaDark Loki (Thor) :iconveronikadark:VeronikaDark 92 13 Loki (The Avengers) by VeronikaDark Loki (The Avengers) :iconveronikadark:VeronikaDark 139 5 Loki (Thor) (in color) by VeronikaDark Loki (Thor) (in color) :iconveronikadark:VeronikaDark 59 13

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Journal Entry: Mon Sep 10, 2012, 7:43 AM

The Gods I Created by Capestranus

Congratulations! It's time to claim your prize! Tell us what you would like drawn!

We hope to see more participants next time :iconshakefishplz: PLEASE.


We've stalled it long enough. Time to vote!
:thumb300940110: by :icondagoth-jeff:
The Gods I Created by Capestranus by :iconcapestranus:
Cooking Issues by Dragon-Star-Empress by :icondragon-star-empress:
Referr to this poll for your vote: teratophilia-club.deviantart.c…

Due to the lack of entries in this contest, we'd like to ask your reasons for not participating. We will make a poll in the future, but you can tell us here in a comment. It'll be very helpful in future activities.


Due to the lack of entries, we are postponing the "AIs and robots with an issue" contest due date one more week to give one last chance to whoever wants to participate. From that date the voting will begin.

Participants so far:
:thumb300940110: by :icondagoth-jeff:
The Gods I Created by Capestranus by :iconcapestranus:
Cooking Issues by Dragon-Star-Empress by :icondragon-star-empress:


So two months ago we opened a new contest for "Robots and AIs with an issue". We've been waiting all this time and we only have one entry. So we decided that if by August 1st there are no new entries, we will close the contest and name dagoth-jeff, our only brave participant to date, the winner.

Come on, people! Do we need to remind you all what the prize is? Look at the past examples!
Judge Dredd by CreepyCatProductions Contest prize 1: Abe and Edith by CreepyCatProductions Evil tastes Good by CreepyCatProductions
Icon for DragonFoxx70 by CreepyCatProductions Sovv with a cockatiel - for High-Guard by CreepyCatProductions Widdle Dwagon by CreepyCatProductions Sovv dancing by CreepyCatProductions Donatello for Tarpalsfan by CreepyCatProductions

Jump in! Go on! It's summer, you've plenty of time! You have no excuse! DO IT DANGIT!

No pressure^^


We already have our first entry for our contest "Robots and AIs with a issue". Our first contestant is :icondagoth-jeff:  and his entry is this one:

Take a moment of your time and read it, because it worth it :)


It appears as though the club has been growing a thick layer of dust and lichen from lack of use... So it's about time we proposed a new contest!

TOPIC: "Robots and AIs with an issue" - Emphasys on ISSUE.
PRIZE: As always, one drawing made by Violette-Aner and suthnmeh.
DUE DATE: July 1st

Need ideas? - Legion and EDI from Mass Efffect, Sonny from I, Robot, anything Asimov, Data from Star Treck, GLaDOS and Wheatly from Portal, Everyone in Ghost in the Shell, Atom from Real Steel, Astroboy, XR from BLoSC, Bender B. Rodriguez from Futurama, WALL-E and EVE, Johnny 5 from Shortcircuit...

A reminder: you can contribute to maintain our club's premium status by donating in our front pages: :iconviolette-aner: :iconsuthnmeh:

Also check out the new teratoquote! Mass Effect-related :eyes: (scroll down on front page)


It's finally done... We appologize for the delay. Here it be:
Judge Dredd by CreepyCatProductions

AND we're starting to be in serious need for points. Our premium group subscription will expire in January. To donate points, do so in these accounts: :iconviolette-aner: :iconsuthnmeh: Thank you for the support, fellow members!


I inform you that a fellow group, #WHATS-THE-PIONT, is holding a Zombie Santa contest that maybe could be interesting for you, dear members so  if you want to know more about it, here is the info link:…

Scroll down to see it :)


:iconmygrimmbrother: mygrimmbrother! Congratulations! Now is time for you to tell us what  you want as prize ;)
we also thank everybody for participating in our contest.


Well dear members, the time for submitting an entry for our contest is up; our last entry belongs to :icondragonfoxx70: ^^ Check it out:

:bulletred: Doof 4 Teratophilia Club by Dragonfoxx70

Soon we will create a poll to begin the voting :)


As the title said we have two more entries for our contest:icontarddanceplz:. Check it out!:
:bulletred: Samael - Harvester Of Souls by Nero-tbs

Mature Content

The Flapper by MissCreepington


Wow! So much entries! that's awesome :dance: As you can see, the first ones are of our favourite nazi ninja assassin zombie, Karl Ruprecht Kroenen:D :iconkroenenplz: and the next two are a memory of our Dark Ages and a pic of my favourite kind of alien, a Xenomorph
Here they are!:

:bulletred: Hitlers Todesengel Nummer 1 by Paulette14498 done by :iconpaulette14498:
:bulletred::thumb244564822: done by :icontheskadebjerg:
:bulletred::thumb196435736: both done by :iconmygrimmbrother:

Now is your turn, guys and gals!:D Waiting for more;)


Well, this is so great because now we  have two more entries for our "Villains with Style" Contest. Here they are:

:bulletred::thumb213699801: done by :iconsareenavonshinnok:SaReeNavonShinnok
:bulletred::thumb244298395: written by :icondagoth-jeff:dagoth-jeff

We are still waiting for your entries, fellow members!:)


Let us remind you dear members that the due date for the contest is August 5th, which is right around the corner! And we only have one participant! So get to work, people!!! :shakefish:


At last we have our three first entries for our Villains with Style contest!:dance: All of them made by:iconravinwood:RavinWood Here they are:
:bulletred: KP-R Villains by RavinWood
:bulletred: Hail the Queen by RavinWood
:bulletred: KP-R THE MALEVALENCE OF ZORPOX by RavinWood

Now is your time to do your own entries my fellow members!

By the way, I also want to promote the cool contest is already running in :iconthegungancafe: here are the bases:…
I highly encourage you all that are also members of this club to join their fabulous contest!


This came in a note from AliceSacco :

Anti-ACTA Flyer by Drakose
Did you remember ACTA? At that time i've laught, because that project was ambitious and actually is IMPOSSIBLE to apply this to the whole world.
But, starting from my country, they're appling this, slowly, time by time in every country.
Next week they will apply this in Italy. I guess in few years this will be extended maybe in France, In Spain or in Romania (for example, i don't know who will be the next), after will be turn of Germany, England or Japan... and so until this will be applied to all world and every nation will have his own way to make respect the new law.
So, sign here. Even if you live out from Italy and you can't read this. Your country may be next!…

For those of you who feel lost in this page, basically you just have to leave your name and email and look for your country to sign. Nome=name.


We were wondering if you found it difficult to find the right folder for your submitions and if there's any category that's confusing or unnecessary. You can make suggestions if you'd like additional categories as well.

And don't forget there's a contest taking place! As usual all the info and submitions to the contest will be displayed in our front page. The prize, like with the previous contests, will one amazingly full of awesome epic win drawing made by Violette-Aner and suthnmeh.

We just had the idea to suggest a list of villains for you to get your brain gears moving.
:bulletred:Wicked Queen
:bulletred:Darth Vader
:bulletred:Mother Gothel
:bulletred:Doctor Facilier
:bulletred:Cruella De Vil
:bulletred:Captain Hook
:bulletred:Shere Khan
:bulletred:Karl Ruprecht Kroenen
:bulletred:Evil Emperor Zurg

Needless to say, you can interpret "style" to your advantage *wink wink*. We hear in Ponyland, pink ribbons are hip.

Good luck!


In our latest poll the most voted idea for a new contest is "Villains with style" and "AI's and Robots with an issue" came in a very close second place. In fact it's so close we'll probably make the next contest about that.

So NEW CONTEST!! Villains with style! Please don't all draw Megamind. We know he's devilishly stylish and good-looking and the Megamind fever is still pretty fresh. Same goes for Gru! That means you! There are many villains out there that deserve your love. Or your fear... or... loyal brainless service...

You have two months! Due date is August 5th. Don't leave it for the very last week, or you will die in sever days! That is before the end of the contest, yes! Not counting holidays! Not even Martin Luther King!

Winner will get a free drawing made by suthnmeh and Violette-Aner, as usual.

Good luck!


All previous entries can be hereby located in the "Old Journal". However, we will remind you about the past entry, so as to keep promoting it:


We wish to promote a very interesting proposal from Anatomical-Automaton and her partner in crime kitsune2022, who have put together an Original Character Tournament here RouletteCityOCT. Do take a look, we believe it's worth it.

The auditioning closes June 23rd

To know more about what an OCT is, look here:…

More Journal Entries

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:iconviolette-aner:Violette-Aner Price list:
Buzz and Jessie dancing by Violette-Aner

:iconsuthnmeh:suthnmeh Price list:…
Megamind - Who's bad by suthnmeh

:iconcreepycatproductions:CreepyCatProductions Price List: same as with suthnmeh and Violette-Aner
Blue Pride Parade by CreepyCatProductions

:icondrcrafty:DrCrafty Price List:…
Green Detective: Mr Slenderman by DrCrafty

Price list included in the Artist's Comments of the pic below












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Looking for more monsterboy artists/groups to follow and join! If you know of any let me know ^-^
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Can I put this in? Every likes VannaMelon, right? So can I put this in here? Your Monstrous, Murderous Melon Queen by CAndHisCrappyArt  
JustAStrangeGalAgain Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2019
Hello, is this group still active? Thanks! :)
Nosferatirium Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2017
It's great that this group exists! maybe my little monsters will find some love here among the other beautifully twisted and deformed lovelies.
WeirdSwirl Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
Excuse me, why does message "Every month, one deviation will be chosen..." have been ignored for so long time?
I really love artworks of Kurumii but there are so many other fantastic artists in this group that could be chosen too.
Violette-Aner Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry about that :(, it's been a while since we don't take proper care of this group, that's why the featured artist keeps unchanged. We know other artists deserve also the praise, it's just that we don't have time to manage it
WeirdSwirl Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
No problem.
If you need I can help you.
Violette-Aner Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for your offering :D
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