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I suppose the thing I need to explain is that every single character in this work represents one of my family... I can't explain how mu...

There's a story behind this art, which takes a little time to tell... Each person here represents a real person, they are, to me, my fa...


'Tenebra Zeta #3: The Devil of Osaka' - Chapter 6
August 25th, 2198
Tenebra HQ, Nova Scotia, Canada

“Tamamo?” Mom asked.
“Yeah,” Monica answered. “She summoned the hydra and then started spouting all this crap about being an overseer.”
“And you thought that was a good enough excuse for a C-class team to take on an S-level threat?”
“Not on your tail, darling.”
Good to know expectations could be met sometimes, even if they weren’t in our favour. The walk to Mom’s office was hard enough without all the other agents staring at Akumi like she was...well, an endangered species. This whole new environment was already proving too much for her, and I started getting so worried about her that I had to hold her hand just to ease both our nerves. No doubt she was regretting leaving the well, but I couldn’t let her faith in me go to waste.
It wasn’t to say Mom was being overtly stubborn. In fact, being skeptical of any claim
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Livaxe by Kaxlene Livaxe :iconkaxlene:Kaxlene 75 5 BFC2018 - Branwyn by DarkShadowArtworks BFC2018 - Branwyn :icondarkshadowartworks:DarkShadowArtworks 166 30 PATREON - Delilah Succubi by DarkShadowArtworks PATREON - Delilah Succubi :icondarkshadowartworks:DarkShadowArtworks 136 25 PATREON - Valerie Succubi by DarkShadowArtworks PATREON - Valerie Succubi :icondarkshadowartworks:DarkShadowArtworks 181 25 COMMISSION - Family of Heart and Tails by DarkShadowArtworks COMMISSION - Family of Heart and Tails :icondarkshadowartworks:DarkShadowArtworks 132 37 PATREON - Mistress Love by DarkShadowArtworks PATREON - Mistress Love :icondarkshadowartworks:DarkShadowArtworks 175 16 Scarlett by murr000 Scarlett :iconmurr000:murr000 55 3 PATREON - Adelle Dress by DarkShadowArtworks PATREON - Adelle Dress :icondarkshadowartworks:DarkShadowArtworks 160 18 Felinna Atumfiend By Darkshadowartworks by LordAmon12 Felinna Atumfiend By Darkshadowartworks :iconlordamon12:LordAmon12 75 13 BFC2018 - Felinna by DarkShadowArtworks BFC2018 - Felinna :icondarkshadowartworks:DarkShadowArtworks 204 20 COMMISSION - Lance and Monica by DarkShadowArtworks COMMISSION - Lance and Monica :icondarkshadowartworks:DarkShadowArtworks 68 11 Tenebra Agent File #Z-01: Monica Harlita by ZombieAxeHero Tenebra Agent File #Z-01: Monica Harlita :iconzombieaxehero:ZombieAxeHero 5 4 PATREON - Erika Succubi by DarkShadowArtworks PATREON - Erika Succubi :icondarkshadowartworks:DarkShadowArtworks 38 4 PATREON - Katelyn by DarkShadowArtworks PATREON - Katelyn :icondarkshadowartworks:DarkShadowArtworks 57 5 Morrigan Aensland by yuki-oto
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Morrigan Aensland :iconyuki-oto:yuki-oto 101 3

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My family means more to me than I can say, and I can never really put into words how important all of them are … This story is for my Sis Rachel, who I hold with me always, hope for every day, and wish, more than words can share …
By TeraS
It is well known that Tera, Queen of the Succubi, Monarch of the Realm, is a Red Tail. Some call her love “fiery,” in that it burns brightly and tells of how much she cares about those that she loves. The red of her tail reflects that love, that caring, that complete belief, love, and compassion that she has for her family in all things.
What is not as well known is that the many of Tera’s sisters are Blue Tails. Blue Tails are known for their devotion above all. They know that Tera’s love for them is complete and total, will never waver, never change, never end. She will love from afar and from close by, holding them and seeing in them all of the things that
:iconterasuccubi:TeraSuccubi 9 2
By TeraS
“Seduction is, always, more sublime than sex.”
As she spoke those words, Tera looked out over the lecture hall, examining the reactions of those who were there. Noting the response, she pressed onward: “Seduction can be an expression of the beauty of the one who seduces. Perhaps in a dress that allows a teasing glimpse of thigh, offering the mystery that awaits beneath the fabric, lurking there in the shadows, an expression of the thoughts within the one who is captured in the beguiling consideration of what awaits.”
Stepping away from the lectern, brushing her right hand through her ebony locks, and beginning to pace, she considered: “Within seduction comes the moment when, if one is truly capable of seducing, one can inspire great admiration from the other. Drawing the desired one closer, like a moth to a flame, calling out to the imagination, and offering that which someone desires and dreams
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Belle of the Ball :iconterasuccubi:TeraSuccubi 8 0
I received a question, or perhaps more of a thought, on my Tumblr blog:
“What are the original purposes for Succubi/Incubi being among us? What is their mission for us and for their own evolution? Now do not get me wrong. I love them all, it's just that no one seems to ask.”
I think it is an interesting question and I have thoughts about that … because … there is always a …
By TeraS
One of the most basic questions that can be asked is … “why?” That is, of course a very broad question, and the answers can be as difficult to define as the question itself. That does not mean, however, that the question shouldn’t be asked, or answered.
To be clear, not everything—or everyone, for that matter—has all of the answers … well, with the possible exception of Tera and her Eternal … but the thing of that is: one cannot give the answer if the question isn’t as
:iconterasuccubi:TeraSuccubi 1 0
A story that is meant for one particular person who is in my thoughts today... They will know who I mean when they read this...
By TeraS

One thing that makes Tera different from many others is the things she believes in. Now, not all of them are obvious, or make sense at first blush, but she believes in them deeply. And she believes in people most of all. And how the things she believes in become complete in the people she believes in is something she always thinks about.
On this particular day she was … well, to be honest, the where she was didn’t matter as much as the who she was about to encounter.
He was sitting on a park bench staring out into space, a small styrofoam coffee cup held between his hands, which he rolled, slowly, back and forth as he thought about … things.
Tera was going nowhere in particular, but was drawn to him. His melancholy called out to her on many levels and it was impossible to ignore&
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A Dream Shared :iconterasuccubi:TeraSuccubi 5 2


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I realize that my thanks here are a bit tardy, but Darkshadow knows, more than really can be said here, how the art he has created, through the commissioning of a dear friend of mine, of myself and my Eternal, means to myself and my Eternal... I hope and wish, dearly, and always, that each soul finds the one that is their own Eternal...

Part of the reason I took so long to send my thanks here was that I wanted to write a story about this work, perhaps stare, in some way, what DS means to me, how we think of him as family and...

...more than anything, how wonderful it is to call him a friend of ours...

Here is a link to the art:

COMMISSION - Tera and Keith Eternal Love

COMMISSION - Tera and Keith Eternal Love by DarkShadowArtworks

So with some artistic license, and a bit of... bemusement... here's a story set in the Realm of an artist, the asking of a favour and a twining of tails...…

Love and Hugs Always
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