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Erato - Character Reference Sheet

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Erato, Muse of Love (and Erotic) Poetry

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Calliope - Clio - Erato
Polyhymnia - Melpomene - Thalia
Urania - Terpsichore - Euterpe

Once again I give another Muse a tedious hairdo. Like I wasn't going to have to draw it six times.

I took a few tries with her and I'm still not sure about the colors of her outfit but I'm pretty happy with her. I wanted her style to be sort of Dita Von Teese, Burlesque-inspired. I gave her some roses in her hair because when I was doing my research I learned that Erato was often depicted with a wreath of roses in her hair. Her arrow necklace is a gift from Cupid, the exact nature of their relationship will be elaborated upon later.

Erato and the other Muses appear in my Rise of the Guardians fanfic. While she pokes fun at Jack (like many of the other Muses), she acknowledges that he's not entirely useless as a spirit. She's a bit of a meddler and much like the other Muses, is a huge gossip. She's also a frequent collaborator with Melpomene (tragedy) and Thalia (comedy).

Oh, and for fun she likes to give people awkward, naughty dreams.

Something Quite Peculiar - Chapter 01
Chapter One: Reminiscing
The cabin could barely be called a cabin. It was more of a hut: a building in the loosest sense of the word. It had four walls and a roof, a door, a window, and a chimney that looked as though it were ready to fall over. Truthfully, it appeared that a strong gust of wind could knock down the shack, with signs surrounding which read, “Condemned” and “No Trespassing.”
The small structure was concealed behind several large trees, and was incredibly easy to miss, nestled within the forest that rarely anyone ventured into.
It was always snowing around this cabin, regardless of the season.
Inside was exceedingly less interesting than outside, if at all possible. There was only one room, which contained a mattress and pillow in the corner, a fireplace that appeared to have not been used in decades, and a few shelves on one of the walls.
The shelves proved to be at least somewhat intriguing, containing items such as a matryoshka do
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SilverGoddess666Hobbyist General Artist
Mh, awkward naughty dreams, eh? Sounds like a love mystic.

Also, I've given up my drooling over your drawings, and just watched you to save myself the trouble.*thumbs up whilst sobbing*
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TeraSArtProfessional Digital Artist
Haha, well thank you for the watch!
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SilverGoddess666Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome, you deserve it.;)
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OMG! She's my favourite untill now
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TeraSArtProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you!