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Wolf link sketch sheet

The best wolf from the bestest game 🐺
as a female ofcourse, and adult and anthro 

other version in Fa and twitter

Wolf Link- The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess
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Oh my god! This is the most sexiest thing I've seen!

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never knew link had some good beans

will you do more female wolf link?

wolf link is so cute as a girl.

WridianGrey's avatar

You say best wolf from best game, but that doesn't look like Amaterasu from Okami at all.

2ToTheSky's avatar

She's there too.

WridianGrey's avatar

In this picture? Where?

2ToTheSky's avatar

In another picture.

WridianGrey's avatar

Then the description on this picture is indeed not calling Amaterasu the best wolf from the bestest game, and I stand by my original disagreement with calling wolf Link the best wolf.

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Holy fuck she's perfect

Really cute n kool art

KoboldPrincess's avatar

Where is her sword and shield?

KoboldPrincess's avatar

Not only did you turn Link into a girl, but she is also an anthro form of her wolf form! Very nice, she has a cute face.

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hehe she looks super cute ^^ wonderful job

CaptainForg's avatar

oh wow i really wish i could draw like this its so beautiful! keep up the hard work!

HatlabuFarkas's avatar

i have to use this in my new sci fi novel :)

HonoredNightHowler's avatar

She's gorgeous! Cute paws too. Amazing work. ^^

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not much into female charactars but link charactar from zelda i do like :)

This is very well done, great job. Question, would you be willing to take a stab at a wolf Midna to go with this lovely fem Link?

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