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Terrako sketch sheet


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If Terrako evolved into humanoid robot this is how i imagine it to look like :P

I think this is different enough from the original for me to keep x) or even put for adoption sum day

Terrako inspired humanoid robot from Hyrule Warriors

Cause my pokemon addiction... This one belongs now to @/Crystal_Razorbk
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I love this design, and wish to see more of her. XD

how a robot turned into a girl is very questionable, although the design is very good, it continues with the good work

I like the pose where she rolls her eyes up.

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I want this to be a thing!!

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her says dont call me cute and pulls out axe

ShroomTheShroom's avatar

you're so goddamn good

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I ask why in all of reality, would the little in a humanoid form?

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Her glasses are so cute!

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^^ thank you, i think so too

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The axe (?) Reminds me of the guardian battle are from zelda, very cool
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Cause it is from that universe

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What a nifty design. The glasses and the little blue fins look adorable.

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But you are short and stout. You sure have handles. But you don't have a spout.

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I love here so much <3

I have to say that if it weren't for the labels the character would be difficult to recognize

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thats why i can keep it as oc :P

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That is a very cute design. I especially like the glasses.

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i was wondering that what kinda robot needs glasses

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