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Pizza Nami

By teranen
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Experiment doodle, ew pineapple
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Hmmm I’m a bit concerned for the sad soul that ordered that pizza.

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Hey, if you combine it with bacon, the two flavors do fun stuff together!

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Ughhhh I hate pineapple pizza.

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not pineapple :C

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Why does everyone hate on pineapple? It's salty and sweet.

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Cute and thicc
Also, why do people hate pineapple so much?
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"Hey man... That's like your opinion.... man... But that's okay man... Here's your tip man..." Idk, all I got were Big Lebowski vibes from this, but either way, B-/pizza, would order again

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"Hey, lady, I ordered a pizza, not your opinion."

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my image look like im looking out a door lol and yes u got my pizza right thx

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no i wanted anchovies

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Oh I'm sorry. Does my favourite food disgust you?
I never asked your opinion in the first place so stick to delivering and keep your criticism in the car, ok?
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Did my drawing offend you?

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No Nonono. Sorry. I just have a very peculiar sense of humour. 😅

It's an awesome drawing. You really are an amazing artist.
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Mate, pineapple on pizza is a blessing

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Add a little Canadian Bacon to it and Pineapple on Pizza is great.

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Finally someone who gets it

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It's called Hawaiian you troglodyte

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Well it would be Hawaiian if there’s ham with the pineapple.(you might have been joking with that statement, but here you go anyways)
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