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My tiny mechanic Kura🔧⚙️

These specific trait orcadragons are closedspecies by Junkyardrabbit
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She is adorable. Great work.

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She's so handsome! :)

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really nice , what is she going to fix next? ^^

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10/10 mechanic

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I love the pants, they're really well done ^ ^ (I always struggle with clothing lol)

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awesome, love the outfit :D

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She's adorable. Nice work.

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In RL i am scared as heck by sharks (thalassophobia)..

Your shark characters are way too adorable..

Now i am confused as hell.. xD


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Thanks, i have one shark tho, but this aint the one :p

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Winry Rockbell as a furry xD

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Sub she's working on.


not so big tiddies, i like it! give no pervert

Omg!! She looks soooo good like this. I will always die for a lady in cargo pants and a sports bra/short tanktop(I’m blanking on the word lol)
Yes! That thing lol
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a oiled covered orca....there is a deeper meaning here..

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Always love the mechanic style >w<.

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Kinda reminds me of nanachi
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Can she fix my car lol

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If you see a wrench flying, turn around and walk away.

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