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Halloween Kaori

Halloween Ych of Kaori for @/Jeph88 (Twitter)
as a gift from @/FranSerene (Twitter) and TheCelticKitsune (Fa)
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Well that’s a.......suggestive angle

Can we get a nude version

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In Furaffinity

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She is such a cute babe all ready for the season and holiday. :D

Those are some adorable plushy right next to her

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Really like this one. Buff, beautiful catgirl + Halloween colours = Niceness!

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I'm not a furry but...

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neither is she

Definitely my kind of girl.

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If she eats all that, she gonna be fat as Nami!

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Looks like she avoided getting those weird generic black and orange wrapped candies. You the kind, the ones that have no label whatsoever and no one really eats them. XD

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Love the color pop in the sucker and eyes

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lovely setting and pose

love her design too :D

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Ooo, I love the way you blended her hair into the mane! Looks fantastic!


Hope shes willing to share

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Treat or undress?

She earned that candy!

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