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Female Foxy McCloud
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God I hate this so much not only is it unnecessary but it is inaccurate WHERE ARE DA METAL LEGS

HonoredNightHowler's avatar

Falco: Hey Fox... w-when did you get so... thicc?

SUNNYBACKSunday1's avatar

Mission Complete CUM at me

Wassupstanley's avatar

too thicc but actual design is EPIC AND AWESOME


CrazyShock's avatar

Look what they did to my boy.

ThisIsDJLC's avatar

wheres the Zero Suit, Mac. WHERE IS IT!?

teranen's avatar

I dont like zero suit

ThisIsDJLC's avatar

no no i mean Fox in the zero suit. y'know, Zero Suit Fox? its a thing apparently

teranen's avatar

As i said, i dont like zero suit :p the outfit

ThisIsDJLC's avatar

okay thats cool, i ain't forcing that on you. this looks pretty cute as it is

Fanatikus1's avatar
Wow awesome picture, love it.
chrisredfield1994's avatar

to be in star fox team

Yochufaldedede's avatar

incredibly feminine "hiyaa!!"

MintyYT123's avatar

Wait a minute! Isnt he supposed to be a boy?

goodbrony's avatar

you must be new to the idea of genderbending.........

I never thought I would see Fox McCloud like this

MysteriousP4R4D0X's avatar

Is there a Falco gender swap?

teranen's avatar

Nah, i dont like falco

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