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F2U reference base

simple free to use reference base with hair, for those who want hair but cant draw their own
:p i hope this brings you joy

you are allowed to use the base for adopt, ych making and selling, just dont sell the base as it is
all i ask in return is just simple credit :p aka mention me in the description 

you are free to edit species and stuff, what ever you want

F2u reference base 2 by teranenBald version
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could u do a jack-o pose furry base

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I dont like the pose

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Used and proper credit thank

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Thank you for sharing. i want to use it for practice drawing my oc and i.ll show you my test

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Thank you ! <3 <3 <3

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is it ok i remove the boobs, i want make it flat chested

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had to turn the brightness all the way up just to see it

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Dont use dark theme :pthen its easy to see

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i don't know how to turn off dark theme

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Thank you so much this is perfect for my oc Cherri TwT

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These bases look really great, the details are well drawn and the lines are nicely sharp.

The proportions are also nicely smooth and circular, with a nice variety of line width/thickness.

Thanks for sharing this with us, hopefully people are able to make good stuff from it.

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This actually helps! My folks have been asking me if I would make my characters more normal sized, so I might use this!

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Thanks for such a simple but very beautiful base tera <3

I actually plan to use this base for my kistune fursona (Kaji), who I've been dying to make a proper ref for! I'll link back to you when I do!

Again thanks so much for making this easier on a lot of us; your artwork is very pleasing to look at <3

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May I draw this on paper?

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Omg this is now my top favorite base ever. So hecking CUTEEE .Tysm for making this 🥺💕💕💕💕💕

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Maybe I could used that for my drawing

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