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Chip sketch sheet

By teranen
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is this new waifu?
chip chip chip and dale

chip n dale rescue Rangers-Disney
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PBWeatherproHobbyist General Artist

Chip and Dale, more like Chipette and Dala.

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Link-StrifeHobbyist Artist

Ah~ loving these GB sketches! whew!

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Jordin02Hobbyist Digital Artist

you have the strangest genderbends, and honestly i kinda like it

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I didn't expect to you like this, Chip ❤w❤

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I must say, giving femme Chip long hair makes her look way cooler.

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Emerald-Wolf13Student General Artist

Nice. On a side note, at a previous job there was a guy that went around in a fedora and a bomber jacket...Ever time I saw him I couldn't keep from humming that song :D It didn't help he was also somewhat barrel chested (so from a distance has a really similar silhouette to Chip).

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Clarice eat your heart out

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FoxTheRgamerHobbyist Traditional Artist

"Pelastus Partio"!

That's "Rescue Rangers" in Finnish for everyone that's wondering at home^^

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more like Chipette

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Clever Girl go sleuthing

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And this Chip one is just as sexy!

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Drawing-4EverHobbyist Digital Artist

For this and other reasons we love what we do !!

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Atariboy2600Hobbyist Digital Artist


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TCPolecat7Hobbyist Traditional Artist

In my head, we have here the daughter of Chip and Gadget. ;)

- Polecat

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JoakahaHobbyist General Artist

Lovely! :clap:

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Why are you doing this to me?! Why must you torture me with such soft and fluffy charm?!

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I have conflicted feelings about this

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I loved RESCUE RANGERS in 90s was happy they returned in the new DUCKTALES series.

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Deadly-NeurotoxinHobbyist Photographer


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Chip is HOT as a girl

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Rule 63 is an interesting device

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TheWatcherofWorldsStudent Digital Artist

Damnit this is too good.

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