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Apocalypse Derpy

all happy Derpy during the apocalypse 🤘
Nailed it
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Well-equipped mare ))

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There are no muffins. . .
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That's... not how gas masks work...

This is such an awesome and beautifully made piece. Thank you for this. Really.
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...she heads the most badass gang out there, of course. :D
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When the world runs out of muffins....
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derpy is the beginning of all evil 
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What gun is she carrying?
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Nothing that exists.
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Silly Derpy; that's not how you wear a gas mask!
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DAMN BOI SHE BRICC! Has she been working out? Those abs are phenomenal! 
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This is the first piece of clop that I downloaded on to my IPad... 
and favorited. 
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Its not clop tho
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... I have some life choices to reconsider. 
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Gorgeous work!
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derpy battle mode
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Hol up... is that a gas mask bra?!
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That gun detail is amazing
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Excellent colors :0

The gas mask on the breast is really funny, great job on the fantastic level of line detail and all those shadows and different light sources.

The gun and clothes look really well done here as well, with matching colors and interesting metal textures (same with the gun).

I love how curvy and proportional the character is; nicely thick with wide hips, thick thighs, and weighty breasts.

Awesome artwork.
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Oh hecc yiisss!!!! :iconicameplz:
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