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Artist // Professional // Digital Art
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https://bossmonsta.com/ Plushies and Pins

https://www.redbubble.com/people/Teranen/shop?asc=u Shirts, stickers and more

All the links to my pages,if it isnt linked there, its likely that someone is impersonating me and trying to scam people



also other info about commissions and characters etc.

Im self taught digital artist from Finland

i draw mostly cute furvy anthro females and bit of r63, little bit of male characters as well

but im specialized on females.

i wont tolerate over horny creeps, art thieves, pedos, zoos

pls, let me know if you know someone like that happens to follow me so i can block them from viewing my content

i dont allow people using my personal characters for rp or re posting the art of them.

You can use the art i have made of popular characters (Krystal, rena, etc.) for rp with credit

as long as it isnt my exclusive content


!!!! Not doing commissions, or trades. requests are currently only patreon/substar benefit!!!!

if im taking commissions, trades, requests, there will always be a recent journal notification made of them.

AND no im not taking DA points





twitter.com/teranentwii ( most active/ +18 account)


I have been thinking and considering this for a long time now, i came to the decision that i won´t be able to take commissions anymore. First thing would be that taking one commission takes at least a week away from the exclusive content for patrons and substarers, and i dont wanna take stuff away from people who keep me going :P Sure i could make it to my TOS that said commission will have exclusive versions for supporters, but im not fan of making money of other individuals personal character so thats kinda naah. Other thing being that i would likely get less than 50% of the price to myself if VAT is included to the price. This depends where the customer is from. But in general i need to pay like 30% of my own tax and then what ever the VAT would be (in my country 24%) I could say that VAT will be added to the total price but eeehh.... thats lot of extra for customer. I could go around that vat tax thing if i could take commission payment via Patreon but i dunno if it would
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Update: Back to faking ash https://mobile.twitter.com/sxxshely ---------------------------------------- Update: 22.01.2023 Impersonating Typh Fake: https://mobile.twitter.com/crispytyphh https://www.deviantart.com/criispytyph Tried to sell fake commissions Real: https://mobile.twitter.com/crispytyph https://www.deviantart.com/crispytyph --------------------------------------- Update: 21.01.2023 Back to fake Ash https://mobile.twitter.com/sxxshely --------------------------------------- Update: 20.01.2023 New fake account: https://twitter.com/dexechiii impersonating this artist: https://twitter.com/dexechii ------------------------------------------- Update: 06.01.2023 Switched back to Ashley impersonating Fake: https://twitter.com/sxxshely https://www.deviantart.com/sxxshley -------------------------------------------- Update: 03.01.2023 Switched to impersonate another artist Fake:
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2 min read
Update: Da did good thing and removed the profile. Faker has switched to impersonate someone else AGAIN but im expecting then to switch back to me at somepoint as they always do. I have consulted a lawyer and got some insight what i can do when stuff like this happens --------------------------------------------- Links to all my real profiles can be found in: https://teranen.carrd.co/ https://teranen.carrd.co/ https://teranen.carrd.co/ https://teranen.carrd.co/ ----------------------------------------------------------------- Some of the fake accounts: https://www.deviantart.com/terannen https://twitter.com/teranentwiii https://www.youtube.com/@Teranen187/about ------------------------------------------------------------- I make this post cause i get bombed with messages about the fake me all around. This user has been doing this long over a year now impersonating me and fellow artists. Coming back each time the accounts get terminated by some miracle. Changing usernames
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Hi there I just got a question and one I'm dealing with my self. Given the whole "AI Art" going on right now are you worry about people stealing you're work and putting in a machine and trying to sale off as there own?

Somehow only just now found your dA. Love your styling, keep up the great work! A shame you're not taking commissions, but for an understandable reason!

I found someone reposting your art:

You may know this already but it seems like someone is taking 'heavy' inspiration of Nami


seems like that post is gone? but i can see what you mean