It's been a few years, hasn't it?
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So, people are likely wondering where I've been. Well...

I moved to Texas at the beginning of this year, to live with two of my mates. That's been going quite well, aside from my troubles with finding a job. Now that one of my mates (our main breadwinner) has lost his job, all three of us are scrambling to get jobs even more than before. I'm also working on my education to help find a better job, though that's going slowly.

I'm trying to become a freelance web designer again, though I'm horribly rusty. I need to do plenty of research on things like SEO, various libraries (bleh), and other things. Just wish many of these developers weren't trying to utterly destroy the very idea of web standards...

Other than that, things have been slow. I lost my mother three years ago, and my grandmother earlier this year, but I keep drifting on. That's life, you know?

That's all I've really got, at least for now. I'm going to try and upload things here once I get my workspace set up for graphics design (which I'll need as web designer), but that might be a bit. Till then, later.
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