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So... yeah. I'm 25, still a Pokemon fanboi, and I've discovered a lot about myself since I last posted. I won't go into details, so your sanity isn't at risk.

I've been forcing myself to draw and write more, so you may be seeing more art, poetry and such from me here. I'm also forcing myself to study Japanese, as I'm hoping to be able to write stories in the language as well. Also really want to speak it.

Oh, and I still play Pokemon... a lot. I'm actually playing a Japanese copy of Pokemon White right now. Started with Tsutaja, and after a rocky start, I finished the main story and I LOVE the game. If you want to add my friend code, feel free to. Just send me yours as well. I'm also on the Dream World, so you'll befriend me there as well when you add me. FC: 0990 7540 3727

I'll be here more often, so yay!
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Good luck on the writing and welcome back ~ ^w^
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TeradyneHobbyist Writer
Thanks. ^^