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Deviation Actions

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I'm not going to delete my account nor my deviations, but I won't continue posting my art here if that Eclipse thing come out. I'm not very active here anyway and I think Artstation is a better place to organize my professional portfolio, I'm also way more active on Instagram where I post a lot of WIPS a other stuff and I can speak more closely to my followers. So if you want to keep contact with me you can follow me on these social medias (and if you ever want to commission me just drop me an e-mail to or contact me via these profiles):


Thanks for all your support over these 8 years :)
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Thank you for informing. I'm following you at ArtStation now :)
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Hello, I can fully understand your decision, because the Eclipse is totally chaotic for me too. I don't read news much here, does it mean that the Eclipse will become the only layout here? Without any possibility to switch to the "old design"? If yes, I will most probably abandon DA because I can't stand the mess and I really hate poorly arranged and disorganized web pages.

I do follow you on Instagram, but I am not very active there because I always upload my art from PC and Instagram supports only mobil phone pictures uploading (yes, I know the "workaround" how to post a picture from PC but I hate it). Is the ArtStation user friendly from you point of view? Would you say it's similar to DA or even better? (art management, other users feedback and communication, etc.?)

Many thanks and good luck and keep healthy and well,
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Yes It seems the staff wants to change to eclipse forever and they don't want people to keep with the old layout, so...  :(

ArtStation is pretty similar to Deviantart and the design is easy to understand. I'd say the community is more... serious? And yes, they're all friendly. Is a bit more difficult to grow there because there are a lot of professional artists, so they focus more on good quality artworks. But there are also hobbyist artists who enjoy seeing other people's work. Artstation is also focused in helping artist to find jobs in the videogame and cinema industry. You can also buy and sell prints, brushes packs, tutorials, stock photos....etc.
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OK, that sounds good - about the ArtStation, thanks for the info! I am just a hobby artist myself, but I like the serious and professional attitude and good quality artworks are something I start to feel the lack of here on DA.