Around the World in 80 Features - Part 3
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Around the World in 80 Features - Part 3

Greetings, fellow travellers! :wave: :earth:

:bulletgreen: This globetrotting journey is intended to feature some wonderful photography from all across our planet Earth. Eventually I hope to cover all the world countries, so it is necessary to cover two or three together in each feature!

:bulletgreen: I will try to make sure that both popular and obscure Deviants, professional and hobbyist photographers are featured.

:bulletgreen: The purpose of this trip across the world is to discover diversity.

:bulletgreen: Featured are landscapes, cityscapes and country life, perhaps a few local characters and a symbol or two of the country. There will be typical scenes from each country, but I hope to encounter a few surprises, such as a photo we would never expect to have been taken at its location.

:bulletgreen: I'm certain I will never be able to show all of the worthy locations, but that's the great part – hopefully a quick glimpse of each country's unique beauty will make you interested enough to do a little browsing of your own:   discover something new, whether it be photography or information! B-)

:bulletgreen: Featured countries will be listed from North to South, West to East; depending on their juxtapositions respectively.

:bulletblue: Previous Issues

Part 1 - Iceland, the United Kingdom and Ireland

Part 2 - Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark

:spotlight-left: Continuing on Europe, I am proud to present  Estonia, Latvia  and Lithuania! :spotlight-right:

Let's leave the photos to speak for themselves! :w00t:


Everdream by Bavenmark Westerly flow by Bavenmark Lighthous give us light by FrenulumKu :thumb110679482: estonia by Madandsad crossing the border by FrenulumKu Welcome to Estonia by FrenulumKu Storyland Estonia by ceeppa Estonian Alps by FrenulumKu patriotism and cigarette by FrenulumKu :thumb110683041: The day has been born by KaupoKuusemae tallinn. by eholov Tallinn by Xerxz :thumb94919929: :thumb101212909: :thumb108524346: Twins by Jurnov :thumb126350553: earth rotating by MiguelRosa :thumb126169213: Postcard view over Estonia by Rubiina Fish jewelry by ObscuredStone No Smoking by Sipelgas Back to Meenikunno IXX by Mithgariel the colours of nature by byre666 :thumb91191652: SLEEPLESS by Meriiit viljandi by charlotte1408 a view from my granda's windw by olla3000 Narva Aleksandri Kirik by deftoettan Eyes by 7182 :thumb126013604: Gothic by Trinzy Obliquity by RS-foto Castle in Kuressaare by kiisutytar Parnu - Estonia by donalbain One fine day in Pirita beach by ShadowPhotography Granny enojoying the view by ShadowPhotography Tallinn City Hall by Vampiiritar Suspected pride by Holy-Mimmic Light through the laundry by kaisla Take a photo of me by MercuryL Eesti by fullmetal-chinchilla Kakerdaja Bog by Metalstorm estonia by pievelna Surreal by amathal Fen IV by d-k-asion evening by RedcherryE


:thumb83463891: Coming back in my Mind by Erni009 August in Latvia by Erni009 Latvia by hopelessss Latvia by Trinzy The Cathedral - Riga, Latvia by versatile-lv sunset in Latvia by zuzzza Latvia by Suellla Riga, Latvia 3 by Thatseger Light a candle for Latvia by billysphoto Riga, Latvia 2 by Thatseger Cereal Plant by Timo277 Bewitched by art-delusion Zvejniekciems by kokakaste2 Together by KonikPolski :thumb96463093: DarkTales III by Erni009 Classic view of Latvia by Janels City life in Riga Latvia.. by tudowski :thumb91567176: castle in Latvia by ziibii Rainbow Riga by ieatSTARS old riga by andrez Razna by lvphoto My Hometown Liepaja by hackyuru There's hope left by opcd Riga at night by Anantaphoto not to be here by SaintSnape Russian Church in Latvia by EMOfrrreak latvia by DeMazarin Untitled beach by billysphoto Twilight and chair by billysphoto My Dad by LissaMonster Tending Fire by LissaMonster :thumb100135332: Riga Old Town by ieatSTARS Folk by BloodAddict Latvian Fresco by biskui :thumb117844675: Riga - Blue Christmas? by jadelu7 The Beutiful Latvia IV by Lizards Autumn morning by Sergejs 40 cm of snow by iilva Aglonas baziliks by artahh Mercedes for everyone by billysphoto Reading Autumn by hemsk :thumb114772715: Jani Fire 2 by LissaMonster puddle reflection by frederickbernas :thumb106942812:


Talk to the Nature... by Erni009 Lithuania by Jensert Summer in Lithuania. by lunituke :thumb42967498: Lithuania by Erni009 Lithuania by wavingmyarmsintheair Vilnius, Lithuania by Botfly vikings in lithuania by mountine Vilnius Lithuania by CitizenFresh :thumb50470581: Lithuania by Alharaca Church 3 Lithuania by CitizenFresh city of ships by pseudophoto :thumb95573875: Lithuania by JK89 :thumb68972718: Trakai, Lithuania by dreejz Desert in Lithuania. by ManyciauTaip The Deported Dream by trimas :thumb20277421: visiting grandma'... by danieliaus lithuania. by damnthing032010 postcard from Moletai by pseudophoto :thumb108719983: waiting harvest by sigimonas Rainy Lithuanian summer by plastic-dreams Cementary in Lithuania by Philippo89 Rumsiskas by Alharaca autumn voice. by Narovski 6_July_26 by Arinnka Vilnius by Mentos18 soviet hangover by mrvegas :thumb112743607: Joy by orPhots Drag race by SielojRamu Winter in Aukstaitija by Erni009 Peace and beauty by pasislepusi City Nightlife by Mariochaz IX fort memorial by Chriu 6_July by Arinnka River in Mazeikiai by Sartassa22 ol ov : by karoins two of all by Ausri :thumb129478438: .Alone. by bluebell-mi :thumb129476950: Dalmatians by ydwoR Tiny street II. by SunInside :thumb74864136:

Keep in tune for the next big feature – Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg! :bow:

If you have any interesting suggestions for this next feature, send me a note. It's fine to suggest your own deviations, as long as they're relevant to the countries.

Please fave this news if you liked it, and likewise comment and fave on the photos! :heart:
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AnimeShifterHobbyist General Artist
Lithuania's photos are beautiful!
i'm from it myself!
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Thanks, I'm so glad you like the choice, as a Lithuanian! :clap:

I love Lithuania, I would love to visit there for real. :heart:
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AnimeShifterHobbyist General Artist
Where are you from?
In winter... Lithuania is even more beautiful!
Teq-Uila's avatar
I'm from Croatia. :D

I believe you, all the snow must be gorgeous! :heart: Here, it is beautiful in summer - so we can switch places, I'll visit in winter, you visit in summer. ;)
AnimeShifter's avatar
AnimeShifterHobbyist General Artist
:DD I wish D: I'm only 13 so I can't go alone and I have no money D:
Teq-Uila's avatar
Haha, yes, money's always a problem for us young people, isn't it? :nod: Maybe when we're rich! :la:
AnimeShifter's avatar
AnimeShifterHobbyist General Artist
LOL and maybe when I'll be older
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Hey, thanks for the feature :) Nice work!
Teq-Uila's avatar
You're welcome! ;)
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HoneyNSyrup Photographer
Lovely photos once again
Why I havent been talking for awhile?
Well I went on a vacation to France.
I loved it
2 weeks was time nice time.
Next year I want 2 go 2 Spain r NY
We'll see
Teq-Uila's avatar
Thank you very much! :aww: :hug:

I love France, too, hope you enjoyed it to the fullest. B-)

I've never been to Spain or NY, it'd be awesome to visit them one day.
HoneyNSyrup's avatar
HoneyNSyrup Photographer
Ur welcom:tighthug:

n i was very suprised(:omg:) to see that it has similiar weather 2 Ireland in the North
I got on well with the locals
Chatted with them in their native language
I had lots of fun
Teq-Uila's avatar
Which part were you visiting? :D

I think France has all sorts of climates, from the warm seaside to the snowy mountain regions, it's really interesting.

You can speak French? Me too, cool! :painter:
HoneyNSyrup's avatar
HoneyNSyrup Photographer
Yes indeed the climates differ from region to region

I visited Pays, Normandy, Bretangne(forgot the spelling) n some others(cant remember but i will find a map n look)
I loved France n I think im goin 2 Spain next
Teq-Uila's avatar
Aaah, beautiful! My second cousin lives in France, she sends me postcards from her hoildays there and it looks so charming. :aww:

I'd love to see Spain, it's such a huge country with interesting cities and also wild landscapes.
HoneyNSyrup's avatar
HoneyNSyrup Photographer
Yes it is similiar in size to France n said 2 b awfully hot
I would love 2 see a bull fight while Im there
Teq-Uila's avatar
Yeah, I'm sure it is very hot down there. :o

I know that bullfighters have a team in case of danger standing near by, but I could never imagine myself standing in front of an angry bull with only a small sword and very pink trousers. :noes:
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Thanks for the feature! Nice collection :)
Teq-Uila's avatar
You're welcome! :D Thanks! :)
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Sartassa22 Photographer
wow thanks so much for the feature and the amazing collection ;) I found many faves in there
Teq-Uila's avatar
You're most welcome! Glad you liked it! :D :aww:
hemsk's avatar
thanks for letting me be a part of this. :D
Love the idea :)
Teq-Uila's avatar
You're most welcome! Glad you like it! :D
Anantaphoto's avatar
AnantaphotoHobbyist Photographer
Very good idea and thank you so much for featuring me inside ! :hug
Bye :wave:
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