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100 material \ texture studies

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Hey this is really good! Can you recommend any Tutorials?

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for this kind of thing, specifically there isn't too much to it. iirc I just used a chalk textured brush on a single layer and 3-4 reference pictures for each study. I tried to pay extra attention to how the objects interacted with light (subsurface scattering, reflectivity etc)

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What creative things :3
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Absolutely breathtaking! Love this!
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Beautiful, and so much to look at! Reminds me of the museum when I was a kid, walking through the gemstone gallery and seeing all the minerals in the rock exhibit. Thank you!
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Amazing studies. :O Where did you get texture ideas to work with? I always am like, "uh what texture should I work on?" and get stuck at that point. Lol. Excellent job by the way!
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Thanks! Basically I'd decide on a theme for a set of 10, like "rocks" or "special effects" and look up 10 examples that looked interesting\useful to study.
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Ah, that's a wise way to approach it. :O I didn't think of it that way. Now I have something to start with. Thank you very much for helping me out! :heart:
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This is absolutely amazing! I especially love the trees <3
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