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Unless I discover something I missed, I'm all caught up for the interesting stuff (interesting to me at least).

I spared you the assorted hand knit socks and hats and stuck to the doll knitting and crochet. I am merciful on occasion. ;)
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That I am getting lost in the site changes.

Anyone still watching... sorry for the mini flood today. It might continue tomorrow, if I still have the urge to catch up on a few years of things. It will be mostly knitting and dolls if I do.
  • Listening to: kitty purrs
  • Reading: fanfic, lots of it
  • Playing: too many iPad games
  • Drinking: A&W Ten
I've been knitting.

A lot.

I have not been drawing.

At all.

So I guess you get knitting and doll photos here now.
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I'm just not terribly creative lately.

Actually, at the moment NaNoWriMo is kicking my ass, I'm over 4k behind on my word count. *sigh*

Also, my knitting is lagging, but I hope to have a couple things worth photographing for upload here before Christmas.

And then there's the new graphics tablet that I really need to learn how to use.....
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I really don't have much use for journal space here since I have LJ and my own website (which doesn't update much because I have LJ....)

However, there are some things that folks that only see me here might have an interest in knowing.

My domain is moving to a new host that I'm actually going to have to pay for so everything related (like email) is going to be a bit unstable for a while. The new host doesn't have perl scripting available at the level I can afford (which I really can't afford but I'm not giving up my domain!) so I'm going to take the opportunity to massively redesign the site.

Other than the domain move and getting email working on the new host there won't be much action on the front for a while. I have other, well overdue, obligations that need to go first such as a commission I've really, really, slacked off on. Also, an author's website/forum/e-store that I've started and stalled on a few times.

I have more sketches waiting to be inked and colored than I really want to think about. I may end up dumping a lot of them into scraps and clearing the queue. Though there are one or two that I really like still and do want to finish up.

As you might have noticed I added some older jewelry work to my gallery as well as some photos. One of the items on the To Do list is to rephotograph the jewelry I've made that is in my personal collection. That will require my figuring out the camera (difficult when the English manual is missing and my Spanish reading comprehension has taken a nose dive after more than a decade of not being used, at all) and getting the jewelry cleaned up and presentable.

The creative urge has gone nuts and wants me to be working on, among other things, bookbinding, jewelry, sculpture, painting, sewing, cordwaining (shoe making), corsetry, knitting....

And then there's that whole "need to secure steady income" thing. :doh:
Just a note for anyone that might be nervous about the amount of Mature Content warnings in my gallery (about 20% of my stuff):

It's just bare breasts with nipples, sometimes pierced. My nudes don't flash the pink and I don't currently have any of my male nudes here.

Carry on. :)
Anyone out there have any experience with "oil paint pencils"?  I'm probably just going to have to play with them but I figured I'd see if anyone has any tips before I get started.
Well I have all the drives back up and running, with no data loss that I've found so far. Of course I now have to install all my software again and do a bit of housecleaning to get all the drives in good shape but I should be able to do that with a minimum of hair pulling.  I shall view it as an oportunity to trim down my filter collection in Paint Shop Pro.

I don't have my scanner or printer up yet though.... Hopefully I'll get them working soon so I can get some new stuff up here shortly.  

I'm also trying to adjust my monitor gamma to something approximating "normal" so if something looks too dark or too light let me know. To me the shiny black patent of the Erzsebet image looks grey. :/
Just a note that my PC is dead and it may take me a while to fix it. All my art is on my PC so no art updates until it's fixed. Typing on my laptop is awkward so I won't be visibly online much either, but I will periodically update my LJ.
I don't anticipate using this journal much since I have a LiveJournal (username tephra_adularia) but I should write something here, if only to point out the other journal.

I'm planning the first twenty images in this gallery to be older work, a selection of things I've done in the past five years. I have some more recent sketches and those may go in the scraps or they may just hold off until I finish them up.

Either way, new stuff will go up as it is finished and with Elfwood's current lag on submissions they will be here about two weeks before they show up there, at a minimum. I may wait and bundle things to upload over there but I can easily upload here as they finish.

I think that covers things here.

Enjoy your stay. :)