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An "old" piece made almost one year, but still love it <3
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It's a beautiful painting. An artist named Myriam Tillson has an exact same painting like this, the half burned person, burning forest, snakes, carrying firewood. It was made in 2019. Just wondering, did you take inspiration from that?

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Yeah totally, that was reinterpretation of her concept for her draw this in your style (I don't win but she really like the result). I really love this amazing artist, their artwork are very cool

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Love her work too. I didn't remember she had a dtiys challenge with this piece, i remember the snake girl one. Anyway, well done!

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Yeah Thank you, I also drew another of their dtyis long time ago, but I was not the snake girl

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Totally earned a watch from me. Awesome work! :)

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By the way! I saw you are new here just now! Welcome to DA! Have a happy career here! Heart bum

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That's the good word :fire:

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Bewitching moment... Uff
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I love dark and surreal art and this just seeps that! I love your theme and how you executed it. Your use of color and light is excellent! Nice job! Bravo! :)

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Thank you really much, I love a lot of different aspects and subjects from art, but Dark surreal art is one of my favorite :)

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This looks so dang awesome!

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'How odd to watch a mortal kindle...'

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Yah... but it's surreal art, you can also see that more like a metaphorical representation thinking sphere

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this is really awesome!

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Thank you glad you like it =P

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