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March 25, 2010
Prince of Angels by =Kihoru

The suggester wrote: "absolutely beautiful coloring, detailing, and line work is shown on this less than appreciated deviation. What caught my eye on this work in particular was the softness that managed to stay ever present in a surprisingly sharp image. The detailing in the sash, arm cuffs, and hair are especially impressive, but the whole image stands out as something worth exploring."
Featured by Damaged927
Suggested by Checkered-Fedora
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Prince of Angels



Um.. I saved over the original file... Which is 1500x1000 and I wanted to print as a cheer-up present for myself.

Orz I kind of want to go cry in a corner.



Prince of Angels // Battle Angel

He's not officially recognized as the sole Prince anymore, since he fell out of the main God's favour. But uh.... The other angels still address him with his former title, given that he's proven himself a worthy and honorable leader.

In the story, the order of wings is reversed. When an angel falls, their wings are split. They may fall twice before all six wings are ripped out-- Usually the fallen dies after the ordeal, but sometimes they just chill out somewhere between life and death for a couple thousand years. I'd imagine it to be very boring.

This is OOC. Sai's never physically fallen and he'd never dress so flashy just to hang out and float around aimlessly being BFFs with a go and chess board.

Just sayin'.

Oh, uh. He's mine. I guess.
There's no point since nobody steals my art anyway.


H-Holy shit.. A DD. OTL

I uh.. I never thought I'd get one in a million years. Now I feel really bad that I didn't give it my all for this piece-- I'm really honoured so a big thank you to =checkered-fadora and ^Damaged927

I don't.. Really know what to say, but I really wish I'd done a better job now. OTL I... Don't think I deserve this at the level I am now, but I'll definitely try 7000x harder than before.

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very beautiful drawing, I love it!