REDUCED Prices on Point Commissions!
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EDIT: Unfortunately I, Sasuke4Tenten will be closing my point commissions due to lack of time. :worry: But, I will be colouring our current commissions. :} BUTTT :la: Still commission Rikku. Her art's amazing, especially her really smooth lineart!

Remember: 80 :points: = A measly $1
Currency Conversion: Every £1.00 = $1.60
Note us what you want or else your donation will just be a donation! :note:

Point Commissions

:bulletblue: Chibi Line Art 25 :points: Sora Chibi Lineart by TentenRikku

:bulletpurple: Chibi Colour 50 :points: Sora Chibi by TentenRikku Take My Hand by TentenRikku A Flower for a Flower by TentenRikku

----- x -----

:bulletblue: Waist Up Line Art 30 :points: Suki Hyuuga Lineart by TentenRikku

:bulletpurple: Waist Up Colour 60 :points: Earth. by TentenRikku Aqua by TentenRikku Welcome Back- Kaori...? by TentenRikku Feel my Heart. by TentenRikku

----- x -----

:bulletblue: Full Body Line Art 40 :points: Collab. by TentenRikku

:bulletpurple: Full Body Colour 80 :points: Sora Watatsumi - Shippuuden by TentenRikku Fun, by the Fireplace? by TentenRikku Kazan + Kaori by TentenRikku You lose. by TentenRikku

----- x -----

* Background may/may not be included; no extra charge.
* All prices above are for two characters max!

Regular Commissions

:bulletblue: Chibi Line art £1.50/$2.50
:bulletpurple: Chibi Colour… £3.00/$5.00
----- x -----
:bulletblue: Waist Up Line Art… £2.00/$3.50
:bulletpurple: Waist Up Colour £4.00/$6.50
----- x -----
:bulletblue: Full Body Line Art… £2.50/$4.00
:bulletpurple: Full Body Colour £5.00/$8.50

Will Do:
:bulletgreen: FanArt - Either Soft or Hard Shading - Your Choice
:bulletgreen: Yaoi, Yuri, Hetero.
:bulletgreen: Animals, Pokemon, Fantasy Creatures.

Will Not Do:
:bulletred: SasuSaku/ShikaTema.
:bulletred: Extreme Gore/Violence.

~ Tenten :rose:
- Rikku :boogie:
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