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Another ORBIS preview.....



I'm really scared that this project will take a great deal of time in my life. Procrastinationitis still infects me and I haven't been able to kick it off from my view. Guh.

Regardless, so far I've managed to color three out of seventeen creatures I have made; that is folks, seventeen out of hundreds. Bahahaha. Not to mention environment and character designs, whoopee. Yeah, this is a very ambitious project - if my nerves could handle it. I wondered how on earth Tolkien managed to complete his world, with all the languages and mythology...

Three lil' kids above are creatures from the tropical, coral-laden waters of Vulcanesian archipelago. They are practically remakes from my older designs: [link]
save perhaps that strange ammonite-thing, which is completely new. Consider the great fish on the left, which is a slight color and shape redesign from my older piece Iridichthys. This piece was actually made to determine and fix my painting style and color schemes. There used to be teal stripes on the yellow fish in the middle, but he ended up looking like Ariel's Flounder on kryptonite. And I really hope the cephalopod looked dark and toxic enough - please do tell me if it doesn't =P

I haven't come up with really good names, so.......the names will be incorporated by the time the real pages are done - the name Iridichthys is just temporary.
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Wonderful colors!

Do them for fun. They'll be done before you're finished wanting to do them.