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Another in my horror series!
I'm going to leave these without any descriptions so you guy's can caption them for me. :)
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"Hungry still, too hungry"
-bloody gist
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The first thing I think when I read the title is "The Evil Within".

So I imagine that the woman (who looks like Mia from Resident Evil 7) end up in the building for some reason (maybe she suddenly woke up there, or she's trying to find aomething), and as she explore, her surrounding swift from reality into a creepy illusion.
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She had awoken, screaming and crying, her skin slick with cooling sweat. The hospital was empty around her, upturned beds and shattered tables creating a hazardous mess of tangled metal plastic. the lights weakly flickered, reflecting off the spilt IV fluids and the copious amounts of sanguine blood that soaked tattered sheets and pooled on the floor. Gasping and shivering with fright, she glance downwards momentarily; revealing her hospital gown soaked with dark gore and split open across her middle. Long dark cuts, crudely stitched up, tore across her belly, groin and chest, cutting a pattern of deep rends into her skin.

Shaking with terror, she slid off the bloodstained bed and onto her bare feet, gasping as jagged lances of pain erupted across her mutilated chest. The air was cold, freezing to her skin. The floor sucked the heat from her feet as she nervously padded across the ward.
"Is there a doctor?" she asked, her voice strained from her dry and cracked throat.
"please" she begged, the tears returning to her eyes "Something's wrong with me"

Silence followed her, smothering her like a thick fog as she pushed out the door and limped into the hallway. The pain from her injuries racing through her with each step.
Blood soaked the floor, forming a river of the red gore that curled around the corner and into the darkness. It seeped from the ceiling like a foul infestation, glistening under the weak hospital lights.
"Hello?" she cried again, her eyes registering with terror what looked like bloody drag marks across the walls and floor.

Elsewhere in the hospital, something howled.
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that is some eerie shit. And so well done! <3
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is it wierd that i just spent some time trying to figure out if the blood up the wall was the same shape as in to the bathtub image. 
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Nice continue on the blood tree. That starts to feel meaningful in a way.
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This reminds me of a scene you'd see in SAW.
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for caption i was thinking "occupied"
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friggin awesome. tricky lighting
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"Tut Tut the blood is running up, the claws long the walls, now everyone falls."
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That atmosphere tho
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Reality is overrated. :)
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This image is pretty intense. I feel like something is going to come out from the corner any second...
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LOVE the way you did the hair, it seems so realistic
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Please, god, please let this be a dream. A washing machine isn't suppose to do that to a person

You're amazing man, I wish modern horror movies would have half the vibe you have in your horror drawings.
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Really cool! Super creepy. . .
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"What did I do!?"...."Who am I?"
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Reality : "ok, screw that, I'm out."
Video game : "ok, I saved the game, time to check out."
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This doesn't even need any words. The picture tells the story itself- just amazing!
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