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House of Horror


It's been a while since I've done something just for fun.

I am a huge fan of Texas Chainsaw Massacre like movies and just the idea of a house in the middle of no where.

The house appeared out of the fog....
Here are 3 teens that are about to make a series of bad decisions...

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Resident Evil 7 had that Texas Chainsaw Massacre feel for sure.

I love your work! Using it for D&D cards for my personal use. :-)

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The beginning of a great kill fest!
you have amazing artistic talent, I've not seen an equal
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Amazing art work dude, congratulations!
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wow man, amazing pic *___*
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This has a great atmosphere. Brilliant work!
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demasiado buenoo
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you just know nothing good is in that house.  this is amazing. can i ask - is it all from imagination or did you employ some reference images?  i'm jus asking for when i try something of my own. thank you, great work
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I almost always use some sort of reference. For these kind of speed paints, I usually find some photos and mash some shapes together to give me inspiration. Then I will start to extract stories and formulate a story as I go along.
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Really creepy atmosphere and painting of a horror house; great! The original TCM from the 70's is a classic. Reminds me a little of the house from The Blair Witch Project.
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Looks like I just found my dream house.
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Oh look a spooky house...let's go inside!!!

Sadly the horror movie has to have protagonists with no common sense to work.
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I will not get into that house, NOP. not even for a million dollars
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You know, just the group of three I find almost as menacing as the house itself. especially that hunched one.
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Thanks! He's tired from keeping up with the others. He will be killed first.
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I admit I have never seen the movie, so the piece has more of 'the freaks coming home' vibe to it.
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Great, love the creepiness it has. They would be brave (or stupid) to take another step towards the building. 
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Thanks man, that's what I was going for!
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