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Cthulhu Wars

Hi! I'm new to Deviant Art. I've admired all the great art on here for a long time. I figured I should start sharing my own art as well and join the community!
This is an illustration I did for a new board game I'm working on called Cthulhu Wars. We are launching a Kickstarter for it in the next week or so (fingers crossed). If you guys are fan of the Cthulhu Mythos, then this game is perfect for you. It has over 60 miniatures, and the great old ones are huge. Check out my facebook page for more of my art!…
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Very scary Mr C. :D
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Suddenly, the claws of a black skinned creature reach up and pull Cthulhu down. Cthulhu resists only to be blasted in the face by a beam of blue atomic energy. Cthulhu grabs the creature and throws it a good distance away from himself. It's Godzilla, and he's angry. Cthulhu blasts a magic bolt at Godzilla as he charges another beam, but the king of monsters absorbs the ball and it's energy mixes with his own. Godzilla fires the beam that has Cthulhu's own power mixed, and Cthulhu raises a magic shield that fails under the mixed power beam. Cthulhu falls as Godzilla continues his bombardment and eventually weakens. He tries to return to where he came from to rebuild his strength, but Godzilla charges and fires his red thermo atomic breath that burns away at Cthulhu. Cthulhu cries out in pain as the king of the monsters proves why he has his title, and becomes nothing more that ash that falls back into the ocean blue....
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Well yes, but actually no.
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Hey man, I’ve always had this idea for a film. This reporter who usually does things on Kaiju, mostly things on Godzilla, is now trying to investigate on a cult somewhere off the coast of Oregon. The film starts out with him Entering the login to his journal in a hotel in San Francisco and he’s listening to an old radio in the in the background. And emergency alert comes on warning of a potential attack from Godzilla, so the reporter packs all his things and heads for the town that he suspects a cult is that. He’s hoping that he can find something more interesting than giant monsters, And rumor had it that there was a cult trying to bring back an old God. I talked with someone in San Francisco who used to be a member of that village, and he warned him to not even bother. But the reporter being a reporter wants a good story that’s not politics. As soon as he makes it to the village, he would continue to enter journals into his laptop while listening to that old radio, the radio getting emergency alerts that Godzilla is still above the surface and is attacking cities heading north on the west coast of America. The radio warns About each and every city in order from closest to Godzilla to furthest from Godzilla in terms of Who needs to evacuate. Other than the end of the film, these are the only times you hear of Godzilla. The rest of the film is the reporter diving into the cult, what they want to do, what they have been doing to accomplish it, and how close they are to accomplishing their goals. The more he finds out, the more horrified he becomes. If what he is hearing about this “old God” is correct, Nothing can stop it at it’ll destroy the world without thinking. Towards the end of the film, the necessary sacrifice is already set in place and the reporter is kidnapped to watch the old god rise up and take the universe back. Now, this is where Godzilla comes back into importance. The reporter was staying at a rented home on the edge of a seaside cliff, not too far from where they plan to bring back the old god. When they kidnapped him, they neglected to turn off his radio, Which is currently giving an emergency alert system warning of Godzilla attacks again. But the name of the town that they are at is the first name announced, meaning it might be too late to evacuate. Now, the old God comes rising out of the ocean, ready for the sacrifice... Que Godzilla himself knocking the old guard down into the ocean, Visibly doing damage to him in such a manner that the cold is confused and scared. Their God was supposed to be invincible, nothing could hurt him. But they watched him either get burned on the back by Godzilla’s aomic beam Or slashed as Godzilla seeks to pull him down. Godzilla either kills the old guard in a battle or significantly wounds him to the point of being unable to attack further, and then proceeds to not only destroy the town but intentionally kill the humans related to the cult. At the same time, the reporter is able to escape with the sacrifice, almost as if Godzilla is giving him a clear path away from the town. If the old guard is still alive, he attends to protect his cult only to be finally killed. If he is already dead, Godzilla eviscerate his remains while he is experiencing the fury of destroying a city. Now the reporter stops just far enough away from the town to watch it be destroyed without getting hurt, and wants the last building has been burned to the ground, Godzilla looks over to the reporter. The two stare into each others eyes, the reporter fearing for his life. And Godzilla just stares him down, his expression calming as he stares. He gives a huff, and walks away into the ocean to disappear. After that, the reporter is found in a hotel room with every document related to the report on the cult open. All of that report is now meaningless. So the reporter deletes it all and starts another article on Godzilla. Except this article is asking the question: Is Godzilla a destroyer of mankind, or is he a protector of earth? 
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Like I said...

this would never happen, Cthulhu is an Elder God and substantially more powerful than Godzilla.
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But then again, a story is nothing more than that. A story. The writer can write whatever he wants.
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What if in a universe filled with eldritch horrors, a universe where some things are more powerful than they appear, Mother Nature is capable of producing such powerful creatures herself? They may not look as horrifying, but Nature has always been more refined.
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Proper ominous; excellent piece, big props!
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Cthulhu is a lil small tho
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I love this image! Though Cthulu's wings don't seem to be accurately proportioned. How is he supposed to fly with those things?
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The book says that they aren't funktional 
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Cthulhu looks Awesome!
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great cthulhu art
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I've seen a huge amount of Mythos art, and yours stands out. You have what I feel to be the best interpretations I've ever seen of some of these entities. I'll be following you here and on Facebook.
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Thanks so much! I really try to depict the great old ones in a fresh way yet still try stay as true to the source descriptions and the essence of what the beings are. I owe a lot of that to sandy Petersen really emphasizing that when I was working on Cthulhu wars.
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Why are there so few comments for this?  It's excellent!!  Between the movement of the composition to the way the churning ocean cascades off Cthulhu's hulking form... it
s hands-down one of the best interpretations of this scene.
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I haven't had art posted on Deviant art for that long, so I figure people haven't really seen my art yet. I appreciate any comments though!
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Sent in my Cultist Des Ghoules level pledge!  Can't wait to play this game :D

Your artwork is awesome!   Really terrific renditions of Lovecraft's various horrors.    They should link this Deviant Art page on the Kickstarter site.    

BTW is there any way to get larger versions of the sketches that have been posted so we can make out the development notes written in them?   I always find those interesting to read.
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I will have them in my art book for my Kickstarter that I am doing coming up in a couple months. All of my art updates happen on my facebook site. I use Deviant art as a secondary outlet to post my art. Along with my Art book, I am offering an exclusive expansion for Cthulhu Wars too! Check out my facebook site!…
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