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Coming of Azathoth

I got commissioned to revisit the digital version of this piece so it could be printed at a large size. I repainted it and "improved" it :)
This is going to be printed on a 2x3 ft art print. Exciting! I'm totally stoked that people are willing to hang up my art as a centerpiece in their home.

Azathoth and nyarlathotep!

"And at the last from inner Egypt came
The strange dark One to whom the fellahs bowed; Silent and lean and cryptically proud,
And wrapped in fabrics red as sunset flame. Throngs pressed around, frantic for his commands, But leaving, could not tell what they had heard; While through the nations spread the awestruck word That wild beasts followed him and licked his hands.

Soon from the sea a noxious birth began; Forgotten lands with weedy spires of gold; The ground was cleft, and mad auroras rolled Down on the quaking citadels of man. Then, crushing what he chanced to mould in play, The idiot Chaos blew Earth’s dust away."
Follow the link if you're interested in a Canvas or Archival print!…
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It's the end of the world... Nyarlathotep, apparently fully satisfied with his horrors and deeds, decides it's now time to bring the universe, as well as himself, to an end... by awakening his father, the Blind Idiot God itself... Azathoth.
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I think Nyarlathotep is the only being that also would exist outside of Azathoth's dream, as it's his own avatar

EDIT: Jesus I just realized how old this comment of yours is, my apologies ^^'
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Holy shit! It's BEAUTIFUL!Heart 
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The idiot god, who dreams, and when wakes, we all die
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This is striking work. Brilliant piece.
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I wonder if this sonnet came from one of those dreams that Lovecraft awoke from, with a rotting headache.
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Creepy epic dude.
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OMG i want this in my room!!! Seriously, I would like to have this on my wall, perhaps framed in black wood... maybe ebony with a gothic style~
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Thanks! I have it available in my Etsy store!
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Coool .3.
i wish have money then .__.U
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1000X666 pixels... you don't miss the tiniest detail :) bravo!
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The despair and hopelessness have always been drawn with such an emotion I barely have words to express myself...
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man. this is perfect for a death metal band
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Awesome epic piece.
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I appreciate the share, Thanks!
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Fantastic composition, it almost has a 'classical' feel to it with the crowd of figures reaching up towards the corner.
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Thanks, that was my goal. 
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