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Blood Being

This is the first in a series that I am planning as a personal project. I want to tell a horror story through these images. I am still hashing out details as I go along thumbnailing and painting. I love psychological horror, so I am trying to get that kind of feel.

If you guys have an idea for lore on this creature, post below!
There are many better writers out there than me, so I'm open to ideas.

Hope you all like it!

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very cool work. impressed

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I'm writing a novel. This is the piece that inspired me to get it started. This very scene is the third one in the novel. Thanks for the inspiration you have given me. Your work is incredible
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Superb work. I wonder though, what would the creature see if it were to look in the mirror...if anything at all?
I love this, and find the "unfinished" blood being very interesting. The woman has summoned a demon to wreak vengeance on everybody who has abused her. Her childhood and young adulthood were brutal and she wants to hit back. The trade-off-she has to give her own life to bind the demon, and literally pays in blood, her own. The blood being becomes increasingly corporeal with each person it kills for her. It slowly takes on her appearance and personality, and eventually lives the life she should have had.
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This is pretty good
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"What happened? Did it work?, where am I. I'm alive...somehow. I'm alive"
-bloodied sprite
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Nice work.

The being could emerge from the victim and then spawn its own identity, except the creature must feed on more individuals to obtain a human figure. Afterwards it wants to free its brothers and sisters, typical story, except a priest or soothsayer kills it, or either a small child changes the beings, motives and now the being fights among the side of Humans. Talk to me and we can discuss further storyboarding and plotting. 

Excellent work, maybe we should collaborate one day. I am usually into Super-Heroes or Spiritual Characters, however, I have thought about horror before. Sometimes you can get caught up into you own work so well.

Nice work. 
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Hemopathic projection
It's like Astropathic projection but instead you use blood instead of your astral form
great way to do reconnaissance, provided you return to your body before you exsanguinate/bleed-out
even better way to scare the shit out of people 
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Fuck, man.. This is so gnarly.
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Okay, so a girl is driven to suicide by some pretty sick and nasty individuals who care nothing for her and push her over the edge. The poor girl slits her wrists in the bath and dies alone and unloved.
However, her blood fills the bath and starts to form into a ancient demon...intent on avenging her wronged life and bringing a violent and painful death upon those who forced her to such a low she killed herself.

Fully formed, the monster takes a moment to look over the dead girls corpse and closes her eyes. Then it leaves to bring terrible retribution.
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If I write a short story as a sort of tribute, is that good? :D
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very cinematic. bravo!
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Awesome concept and composition!
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I just wanted to ask, would it be alright to use "Blood being" as a name dor a monster I'll be making?
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I dont see why not. I dont have it copyrighted. :)
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You came up with it, copyrighted or not. I like to always give credit where it's due. 😊 very nice piece.
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Thanks t everyone that has left comments and lore suggestions. It's hard to respond to everyone but I appreciate all of them and they will help in me continuing the series.

I wish there was a like button for comments!
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Absolutely wicked :)
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