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lol, one of the best lines in the movie (Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders).
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Merlin: "Oh Mr.'s Cooper?"

Mike: "You fine."

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Feel free to insert Moana song
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That part cracks me up every time!
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I just watched this one a few days ago, one of my faves.
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LOL this is awesome. I love MST3K. :)
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this one is my fave movie they riffed on
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Remember to belieeeve in magic... Or I'll kill you!
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Every time my mom thanks me for something, I say this, in Merlin's voice and everything. Fortunately, she's a MSTie too, so she doesn't have me committed when I do.

Awesome rendering of this movie's crowning moment. Well, this and "ROCK AND ROLL MARTIAN".
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Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders was such as deranged movie! Merlin came to the present to wreak havoc on innocent people lol.
Awesome sketch, "yuuur welcuuuhm"
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Lol I do this Your Welcome thing all the time and people look at me like I'm nuts!
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This is still by-far my fave MSTK movie/episode ever.

"Don't I get a kiss before I go?"
"You'll get more than that if you get out there and find that thing - Now GO!"
"...Did she just threaten him with SEX?"
"And then the cat's flesh was completely roasted!"
"Grampa Borgnine, No-ho-ho!" D:
"No, you're gonna listen! The cat's flesh burned and there was horrible screaming..."
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This is one of my favorite MST3K's. It's right up there with 'The Final Sacrifice'.
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"chatty Kathy we're you got to go, baby?"

I bet if it wasn't for MST, there would be no fan art for any of these movies.
My grage sale appointed home.

Tonight on "old lady get's killed".

Oh it's the monkey's audition tape.

Oh oh, better eat all the ice cream.
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"Hey, pal, my reviews have destroyed whole cities!"
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"Heed my words..."
"munch my shorts..."

Fantastic drawing, this is one of my all time favorite MST3K moments!
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LUL. ~l-Dayne-l and I said that to our gym teacher XDD
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The longer I look at this, the harder I laugh!! XD

"Remember to believe in magic.. or I'll KILL you!"
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Okay, now I need to see this episode. :lol:
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I love that episode! It was so ripe with bits for Mike & the Bots to poke fun at!

I love the way Tom Servo imitated Merlin's "You're Welcome"

"...If you decide to dabble with any of my spells... For whatever reason..." "You're welcome." XD
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youre welcome hehehehe do it again!
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I still say "You're welcome!" like this.
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me too. i don't think the customers understand how funny it is. <3
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*roles over laughing* I can't....I...can't...breath

I guess the only thing I can say to that is ‘I’ve got to go drain the me…’
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