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Dforce on Hair: Experiment #1

"dForce is exclusively a cloth simulator, and is not designed to work as expected in regards to simulating objects such as hair or skin. After consulting with the Devs on this matter, they have confirmed that doing this is likely to crash DAZ Studio, and they highly advise against this."

Daz didn't crash and sim time was low for this older hairstyle. I'll do more and keep sharing what happens. The last major border for photorealism out of Daz imo is always hair. I think it's totally possible to create new hairstyles that are dForce ready. They'd probably look like a UFO on the models head, with hundreds of ribbons attached to a static scalp. 

Notes: the weightmap is static at the scalp only because the hair bones were whack and her hair just melted off. If you see hair melting off, try a map like that. If your hair is spaghetti, you can always duplicate the hair and adjust it slightly to layer it (those can probably collide on each other).

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Thank you so much :hug: And I entirely agree with you, since I'm using dForce hair, everything looks a lot more realistic :love: But I didn't yet try to convert non dForce hair to dForce ones :( I'll do that for Voss Hair too, because I love it :love:

I hope they'll continue to improve dForce :love:

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Awesome info. Nod 
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Thanks for sharing these experiments!
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It's a little old now, but should still work. This was before dForce hair was a thing and you could get the products that set up the simulation materials for you. The other tutorial has more info.
The model is awesome ....more of her please Deadpool - Ashamed 
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Hmm, I made her just for this tutorial. Maybe I can find her in my old files somewhere for you.
Many thanks !!! You are awesome !
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Its a nice idea, but it works pretty sparingly so far for me. A lot of hairs don't play well and you have to turn self-collision off. Also I still haven't found a way to preserve curls or unique shapes. All they need to do is add cage preserving or a shape-reverting system to dForce to make it perfect for hair. It works well for upside-down. wind, and wet poses though.
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Thank you!
I have to test. There is use for this in some scenes.
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This works great! You just need to tweak the simulation values a little depending on the hair model and pose. Thank you for sharing this information. Emoticon: Bow 
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Yeah I made this a week after dForce came out and before any products that put it on hair came up. There's a lot better information now, but I still refer to these settings for wet or thin hair.
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Thanks!  this might save me some time :)
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My brain is bubbling with possibilities!
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