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For some people death is the end but for others it is a new beginning. Seems simple enough, well it's not; that is something he taught me. I will never forget his face, his voice, or his scent. He showed me what I can overcome and also what I can't. I will always remember the first time we met. He seemed so... distant from the others. It seems that I taught him something he could not fully understand himself; emotions. Well now he is gone. I don't know what to do now at this point. I guess I will not be able to understand how I feel.
In the end he will always be with me. He was Ulquiorra Schiffer the fourth Espada.

Chapter 1
There is nothing but grey sand that seems to spread on for miles. I examine my surrounding more thoroughly. Behind me there is what appears to be a white fortress. There is something coming towards me. I cannot see it but I knew it's coming for me. The sand starts blowing around me but there was no wind. I looked around and saw a young boy who looked around my age. He had messy black hair with a weird helmet-like skull on the left side of his head. What really caught my attention was his pale white skin and green eyes. "Who are you?" I asked. He just stared at me for about one minute and turned to leave. "Hey! Wait a minute!" I yelled running after him. He had disappeared. The ground starts to collapse at my feet. This isn't good I thought. Next thing I know I'm falling into a pit of darkness.
*End Dream*

     THUD! "Ow." I'm on the floor? Huh that was a weird dream. I checked my clock on my dresser to see the time 6:30. BEEP, BEEP I hit the snooze button and groaned as I got up off the floor. I have about an hour to get to school. I went to the bathroom and took a shower I don't have to worry about anyone else because I live on my own. I know every kid's dream. Well for me it is a nightmare. I'm eighteen years old and this is my last year in high school.

All my life I've been in many different foster homes. My mom died when I was born and my father had died in a house fire when I was three years luckily I had survived but I was alone. It seemed that in every foster home I have been in there was always death. I've seen the monsters that killed the kids that I was around. They are giant creatures with white masks and they have a hole in their chests. In the end I always get the blame. "This is your fault!"; "There is nothing there." I told all of them of what I saw but they didn't believe me. Since then I was on my own. As I was getting dressed in my school uniform and headed out the door I thought I felt someone watching me. I looked around and no one was there; so I was off for another miserable day of school. Along the way there was a rumble of thunder. "Looks like rain for the afternoon." I say to no one in particular. "How can you tell?" asks a small voice. I turn to see a small boy with orange hair holding his mother's hand. "Ichigo that's not polite, I told you that it was going to rain later on today" his mother tells him gently. "Oh yeah I forgot. I'm sorry miss." the boy apologizes. "It's alright. My name's Ren." "Hi my name is Ichigo." "Come on Ichigo she has to get to school and so do you." Ichigo's mother said.       

"Okay see you later Ren." I laughed "Bye Ichigo." Sweet kid; he's very lucky to have such a great mom I thought. When I came through the gate the students were all talking amongst themselves. However when they saw me stopped talking a once. It was kind of scary. I'm the reason why; they are all afraid of me. Even the new students avoid me I guess they believe some of the rumors. One of them is that I went to detention center when I was ten years old until I turned sixteen for killing my foster parents. Well it's kind of true they did die but it wasn't me it was t*at strange monster and I didn't go to a detention center; I remember what it had said that night.

"Where are you!? I know that there is a strong soul here so there is no use in hiding!" The monster roars. My foster parents can't see it but they knew that something is there. "Ren run get out of here!"
"But I'm scared."
"I know you are but you have to run Ren." my foster father tells me. Tears start sliding down my cheeks. I started to run.

"Ahhhh! I'm late!" I yell to myself.
I run as fast as I could just as I reached for the door I notice something strange. A black cat with a pure white head and yellow eyes and it had a hole in its chest. I turn around to look again. It was gone. Ahhh I'm late! When I finally got to my classroom the teacher turned and saw me. "How nice of you to finally join us Ms. Zugaikostu." the teacher stated. Some of the students start to snicker. I glance down sadly and slowly walked to my desk by the window. The teacher goes back to his lesson. I don't really pay attention but I still make good grades. I look out the window and saw a few cherry blossoms falling. I think the real reason why people are afraid of me is because I know things that only they know and I can sense aura. But no one knows that I can sense aura. I'm not even sure how I can see it. A petal blocks my vision of the ground for a second and then I see a black cat. "Huh? Is that the same cat?" I mumble to myself while squeezing my eyes.
I do not own Bleach or any of it's characters. I own the story and the character Ren Zugaikotsu.

A young girl is attacked by a creature known as a Hollow. Almost an hour later she is saved by a man close to her age. Join Ren Zugaikotsu lern about the new life she will live and explor her new world.

Please be gental this is my first fan-fic. I love Bleach and Ulquiorra is my Favorite espada.

Please rate and Comment. Forgive the spelling errors. I'm not good at spelling.
Milfeyu Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's great so far Tenshi! The only issue I'm seeing while reading it is a bit of tense confusion. Some of it is present tense and some is past tense. I recommend past tense though as it is easier to get the hang of if you're deciding on which one to choose. :3 But it's incredibly difficult to switch between two tenses and have it make sense the whole time. Good luck and keep going!
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