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Pregnancy YCH Open by TenshiNeera Pregnancy YCH Open by TenshiNeera
Another YCH, Halfbody Couple this time again.
This is just an experiment. It's probably not something for everyone, so I offer the possibility to draw the female pose without the baby belly.

I'll open 3 slots and 3 OTA Slots for now
Each slot is:

- 17,50 USD/1750 Points for Full Colored and shaded
- 12,50 USD/1250 Points for Base Colors
- 7,50 USD/750 Points for a Lineart

Tails, horns, any animal feature etc. can be added

1. open
2. open
3. open

OTA - will be full colored and shaded
1. closed
2. closed
3. Open

I start on my piece as soon as your payment is done, despite I'm major-inspired.
When I finish it early, it will be posted on and send to you, but submitted to dA only when your payment is done.

n/a yet

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a Base and NOT Free to use.
Dont use it without my permission, please!
Thank you.

Little Touch YCH:

Seduction YCH:

Fill out this form and reply to the featured comment

Character1 (female): (pregnant or not)
Character2 (male):
Clothed?: y/n? (If yes, include References pls)
Payment Method:

I do: MxF for this YCH only (but when you're really into MPreg, I can try to change the female into a male), CanonXOC, Closed Species, Humans,  Kemonomimi
I don't do: furry, anthro, gore, medical
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