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Sugar Plum Fairy Mercy . V2 by Axsens Sugar Plum Fairy Mercy . V2 :iconaxsens:Axsens 472 0 Custom outfit commission 34 by Epic-Soldier Custom outfit commission 34 :iconepic-soldier:Epic-Soldier 305 9 Custom outfit commission 43 by Epic-Soldier Custom outfit commission 43 :iconepic-soldier:Epic-Soldier 521 9 Custom outfit commission +weapon 39 by Epic-Soldier Custom outfit commission +weapon 39 :iconepic-soldier:Epic-Soldier 579 10 Mercy by Liang-Xing Mercy :iconliang-xing:Liang-Xing 4,321 79 Auction(CLOSED) by Rofeal Auction(CLOSED) :iconrofeal:Rofeal 125 11 Adopt(CLOSED) by Rofeal Adopt(CLOSED) :iconrofeal:Rofeal 93 5 Auction(CLOSED) by Rofeal Auction(CLOSED) :iconrofeal:Rofeal 154 7 Adopt(CLOSED) by Rofeal Adopt(CLOSED) :iconrofeal:Rofeal 124 0 Adopt(CLOSED) by Rofeal Adopt(CLOSED) :iconrofeal:Rofeal 181 0 Adopt(CLOSED) by Rofeal Adopt(CLOSED) :iconrofeal:Rofeal 143 0 Auction(CLOSED) by Rofeal Auction(CLOSED) :iconrofeal:Rofeal 88 9 Custom outfit commission 40 by Epic-Soldier Custom outfit commission 40 :iconepic-soldier:Epic-Soldier 714 10 Custom outfit commission 83 by Epic-Soldier Custom outfit commission 83 :iconepic-soldier:Epic-Soldier 326 0 Custom outfit commission 86 by Epic-Soldier Custom outfit commission 86 :iconepic-soldier:Epic-Soldier 312 6

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Base drawing Female Sasori by Tenshi-XIII Base drawing Female Sasori :icontenshi-xiii:Tenshi-XIII 2 2 Base-Drawing Blair by Tenshi-XIII Base-Drawing Blair :icontenshi-xiii:Tenshi-XIII 3 0 Base-drawin Asmira by Tenshi-XIII Base-drawin Asmira :icontenshi-xiii:Tenshi-XIII 3 2 Different Worlds- AsmiraxSasori by Tenshi-XIII Different Worlds- AsmiraxSasori :icontenshi-xiii:Tenshi-XIII 3 6 Asmira x Sasori 3 by Tenshi-XIII Asmira x Sasori 3 :icontenshi-xiii:Tenshi-XIII 1 0 Asmira x Sasori 2 by Tenshi-XIII Asmira x Sasori 2 :icontenshi-xiii:Tenshi-XIII 1 4 Asmira x Sasori 1 by Tenshi-XIII Asmira x Sasori 1 :icontenshi-xiii:Tenshi-XIII 2 2
Rayman: The Secret Legend Part 47 (English)
Biting, she leaped along the alley, throwing many boxes and even beings who did not quite understand what was going on.
"Sorry," she cried as she pushed a few people aside and almost lay down on the ground! After a few obstacles, she bounced against a wall as she finally lost her balance and paused for a moment. When she saw that she was right next to a stand, she crouched right behind a crate, trying to hide. Panically, she looked ahead and looked back at the way before she immediately backed back as she saw the knights. Breathing, Asmira leaned her head against the wall of the stand beside her, and desperately closed her eyes.
'Hopefully they will not find me here ...'
Suddenly Asmira felt a cold draft beside her, and looked over at the wall.
`A niche?`
Carefully, she stroked the niche with her hand before she decided to crawl through it. It was easy for her to get through, and now she was breathing in a very dark street. Slowly she straightened up and looked around with her eyes. Th
:icontenshi-xiii:Tenshi-XIII 1 0
Rayman: The Secret Legend Part 47 (Deutsch)
Keuchend sprang sie in der Gasse entlang und warf viele Kisten und sogar Wesen um, die nicht ganz verstanden, was eigentlich los war.
„`tschuldigung!“, rief sie, als sie wieder einige Leute zur Seite stiess und dabei sich selber beinahe auf den Boden hinlegte! Keuchend prallte sie nach einigen Hindernissen an eine Wand, als sie ihr Gleichgewicht schliesslich doch verlor und hielt kurz keuchend inne. Als sie sah, dass sie direkt neben einem Stand war, kauerte sie sich gleich hinter einer Kiste und versuchte so sich zu verstecken. Panisch guckte sie vor und blickte  den Weg zurück, ehe sie sofort wieder erschrocken zurück wich, als sie die Knaaren kurz erblickte. Atmend lehnte Asmira ihren Kopf an die Wand des Standes neben sich und schloss verzweifelt ihre Augen.
`Hoffentlich finden die mich hier nicht…`
Plötzlich spürte Asmira einen kalten Windzug neben sich, und sah rüber zur Wand.
`Eine Nische?`
Vorsichtig strich sie mit ihrer Hand
:icontenshi-xiii:Tenshi-XIII 1 0
Rayman: The Secret Legend Part 46 (English)
Asmira, on the other hand, was now frozen to ice. Completely crammed, she let herself go to the chair! When they finally arrived at the wooden chair, Sasori released his grip and put her hands on her shoulder. As soon as she could feel his grip, she tried to do something! First she tried to run away. Sasori, however, kept up her attempt. He chuckled slightly as she tried to push him away again. He did not move like a rock and held it securely. This slight jerk of her made him smile only tiredly.
"What will it be when it's finished?" He asked her only amusing and forced her to sit down on the chair. Once more Asmira was pushed by him to the chair. Panic, she tried to get up and escape his grip.
"L-let go!" She gasped, eyes full of despair! Even if she was very afraid she did not want to be so easily beaten! But his grip was very hard! Besides, the power that Sasori performed on her shoulders at the slightest movement was enormous! She gave it to his grasp.
"So ... this is the child of t
:icontenshi-xiii:Tenshi-XIII 2 0
Rayman: The Secret Legend Part 45 (English)
Frightened and, above all, dumb, she looked down over her shoulder at him. But unfortunately she could not see his face. Only his chestnut-brown hair, which gently swayed back and forth walking along the side of his face.
Sasori, on the other hand, looked straight ahead into the dark path that lay between the cells.
Raymesis followed them and looked at Sasori from behind. His wide smile, which lay on his lips, had disappeared.
`Too bad that he found a solution ... damned man! 'He thought slightly annoyed and folded his arms in front of his chest. At the same time he felt deeply into himself as envy rose! Not only because Sasori was a human, but also because of his abilities he hated him deeply! Now, in a hurry, he took the boy and looked at him. Sasori, on the other hand, did not even try to pay attention to him. He also had to concentrate. Through the healing process in the last night, which went until late in the morning hours, his magic was easily exhausted! Even though he could eas
:icontenshi-xiii:Tenshi-XIII 0 0
Rayman: The Secret Legend Part 44 (English)
A familiar voice sounded. He mocked in the cell. Asmira's eyes widened as she watched as if in the middle of the shadows, just before Sasori, a figure appeared. The yellow eyes gleamed softly to Asmira, as they looked at her harshly before they saw Sasori.
"R-Rayman ?!" Asmira gasped and put her hand on her open mouth. Horrified about how he looked now and how dark his gaze was! The creature growled furiously and took a step towards Asmira.
"Just do not mess with my brother !!!", the voice of Rayman growled with hatred! Frightened, Asmira shrugged. `No .. that can not be Rayman!`
"Brother?" Sasori laughed, then folded his arms in front of his chest. Gently, he pointed to Raymesis with his thumb and looked down at Asmira.
"Do not worry, this is just Raymesis. A copy of Rayman. "
At the same time, he ignored the angry hissing beside him and looked back at Raymesis. Asmira could see that Sasori was slightly annoyed. Even when his face was half covered, one could see it very well at his ey
:icontenshi-xiii:Tenshi-XIII 0 0
Rayman: The Secret Legend Part 43 (English)
Sasori said nothing. He just paused slightly. If Asmira does not feel better, he seems to be smiling. But by the collar this was very difficult for them to make out.
"Well ..", she heard his voice enter softly under his mask. Slowly he approached her with her face.
"... no." His eyes narrowed slightly as he finally gave his voice a mysterious undertone.
"And now you want to see what I can?"
"I ..." Asmira breathed a little frightened that he came so close to his face. She immediately left with her, and noticed how easily the blush rose in the cheek. This approach of him was very unpleasant to her.
"Uh," she looked shyly at him, scratching her cheek.
"... honestly, would it interest me?"
Sasori grinned broadly under his mask: "Of course it does ... so to make it short ..."
Quickly he rose and went back from her. His cloak fluttered with the swing. He stood before him, and spread his arms gently. Asmira held her breath briefly as she watched as suddenly a blue light wrapped his hands. Th
:icontenshi-xiii:Tenshi-XIII 1 0
Rayman: The Secret Legend Part 42 (English)
In the cell the morning sun crawled through the barred window. Sasori gently opens his eyes as he feels the warm sun on his knee. He sat beside the haystack with a tailor's seat and arms, and watched. Asmira was still sleeping deeply and firmly. Easily he breathed out and stretched his arms with his eyes closed. After healed the wound on Asmira's neck, he again put on his cloak and sat down to watch him beside her. Of course he had not slept. Only briefly dosed ... for he did not trust her. Even if her powers were blocked, she would start another attempt to escape.
Gently he yawned briefly before he lowered his arms again, and now looked at the sleeping Asmira. The sun made her black hair glitter. And her face looked so peaceful. He had never seen her like this before. And through the warm light of the sun, he could now look at all their facial features. The heart of Sasori spoke to him as she struck at her charming sight faster!
"No wonder she still sleeps so deeply, after all that wa
:icontenshi-xiii:Tenshi-XIII 0 0
Rayman: The Secret Legend Part 41 (English)
After a few minutes, Rayman and the Wizard left the room. Saii, Leo and Clark had to sleep a little longer before they wanted to continue the search with Rayman at dawn. The magician walked with the hero through the corridors.
"What about the Wise Tower?" Rayman quietly interrupted the brief silence as he glanced at the wizard.
For a long time the magician gave no answer to his question, until they finally arrived in the inner garden of the temple. Soothingly, a small Asian well rattled not far from them. Rayman looked attentively at him as they stopped.
"The shield of the White Tower has been stabilized again ...", began the sorcerer slowly and with a serious voice. "... Of course not so powerful, but he still offers protection from the dark beings. For security the guards are still positioned around the tower. In itself the tower has suffered minor damage, but we can repair it again. "
The Zaubrer paused, as Rayman now looked at him piercingly.
"Were there hurt, wizards?"
:icontenshi-xiii:Tenshi-XIII 0 0
Rayman: The Secret Legend Part 40 (English)
Darkness ... Only darkness.
Silence ... Just quiet.
This heavy ... He does not feel anything and sees nothing. Surrounded by the darkness that enveloped him as soon as he realized what had happened.
Rayman opened his eyes and completely sweated from the deep sleep!
"W-what?" He breathed and laid his right hand on his forehead. He was in a room ...
`No longer in the forest?`
Rayman frowned, breathing, and looked around. The room was small but very quaint. The walls were dyed in a deep red. Individual paintings representing trees and leaves decorated them. The room was lit only by an oil lamp hanging from the ceiling by fine golden chains. The room itself, however, had no door. At least Rayman felt this way until he understood that the white wall was a sliding door. Slowly he lowered his hand and felt the underlay. Soft and warm .. he was on a bed.
"So am I ... still in the land of the spewing dragon? But what happened? "He whispered and sat down gently on the bedman before he saw the sl
:icontenshi-xiii:Tenshi-XIII 0 0

Journal History

Hello guys :meow: sooo my little sister :iconsny--eamdray: tagged my again :la: We tagged us again and again :meow:

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other people along with the characters you want them to write about.
4. Post their avatars and write the characters' names next to them.

Ok, lets start with my second enemy El Diablo :heart: i love this guy.... xDDDD

1. El Diablo is a Cyborg. Half Human, Half mashine.

2. His character is very confusing. Generally, he is very clever, and has the best ideas. Very charming and respectful. But very quickly this can be tipped when you annoy him and so his real side comes to the appearance: common, harmless and a nasty humor. The two sides is a very dangerous mixture that makes him a very dangerous opponent.

3. He had been in the service of Rezorbeard for many years, and was one of the best and most dangerous of his subjects.

4. He is a pirate who leads a whole airship fleet.

5. Especially female caught he treats with full respect ans charm.

6. He makes common affairs with Mr dark seid Rezorbeard disappeared and wants to spread the darkness over the land of dreams as well.

7. He is already over a hundred years old, but he looks like a 28 year old man

8. He can convert his right hand at any time in a variety of weapons: a sword, a pistol, and a claw , which he can recharge at any time.

sooo finsiiish with this oc :meow: i tagged only ONE person: :iconsny--eamdray:
with: The black amazing guy :la:



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