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Bunu LineArt Colored

Cute Lineart: [link]
Skirt Pattern: [link]

I had so much fun doing this. I couldn't stop working on it until it was done. Plus I tried something new with the hair and eyes. And the background is all me. The leaf brush was already in Gimp. :D

For the #Give-Me-Color contest.

Edit: Slight color change to the tree lineart i drew.
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Honestly? I couldn't have done better myself.
Excellent use of textures, very nice. Great BG, though I'd do with a lighter line on the grass and tree, something light brown maybe. I like the use of highlights in the eyes and hair. Obviously, the colors are good, but I think the shading and highlights are what wow me the most.
... I got nothing bad... IMAGINE!
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Yay! Go me! And the line work is stuck as is...I think I forgot to save it layered still. lmao
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That looks a lot better. Much less distraction from those lines. Very nice.
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Wow, it looks so pretty!!!! :iconomgsocuteplz:

Love the color scheme you choose, it looks so fall!!!!

The background is absolutely stunning!!!!

Also, love how you made the little bunny earrings stand out with a cute pink!!!!

Over all.....very very gorgeous!!!!!
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Thanks! Yellow isn't my typical choice, but I'm glad I did. And the fall theme just kinda happened. Those earrings are so cute and the pink just makes them cuter!
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Welcome! Ya, I tend to choose darker colors myself but, every now and then I decide to throw a bright pink or purple in, lol!
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