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Kuro - Shinigami glasses

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This is a lil' parody of Kuroshitsuji manga ch. 61; when I read that part I got this idea but only now found time to draw it! :XD:
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Undertaker wins.
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LunalaCrevanStudent General Artist
Haha,Grell looks like a ragdoll!
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deaddarknessHobbyist General Artist
I love undertaker :D
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LunalaCrevanStudent General Artist
Who dosen't?!
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LeoTheStarKidHobbyist Digital Artist
me too
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Of course he does lol
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SpareSandwichHobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah, that was one of my fave chapters
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luna-princess-ofnighStudent Digital Artist
aww poor ronald but undertaker is a badass
LunalaCrevan's avatar
LunalaCrevanStudent General Artist
And he's mine~
Undertaker:hehe,i'm flattered,dear~
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LalotteredHobbyist General Artist
LOL, like that's probably the only way he could have beaten them so easily... if he weren't so badass!
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Bella0106Student Filmographer
Both are fools to think how the Undertaker could see without his glasses this long
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HKKosplayArtHobbyist General Artist
That's exactly why I wear contact lenses, I don't really like glasses that much.
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EllaLikesBooksHobbyist General Artist
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YunaKozueStudent Digital Artist
Pfff this is awesome:D (Big Grin) 
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"...blind as a bat..."
Perhaps the Undertaker echolocates?
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AskPonyPhilippinesHobbyist Traditional Artist
HA! That's what i was thinking! I was like, wait Grell has a chainsaw and Ronald has a lawnmower, so, does that mean The Undertaker has contacts? 
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PoebieHobbyist Traditional Artist
Undertaker (Sicko) [V2] Just hilarious!
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Contact Lenses XD LOL!
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xXArianaGrandeFanXxStudent Traditional Artist
Lol the power of contacts
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Zetsu-Chan4everHobbyist Artist
Omg XD tthats great!
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