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Fandom vs. Reality 2

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And here's the "bad guy edition"... xD

Now, before this gets totally misunderstood, I gotta write a little explanation: This is NOT meant to be fangirl bashing in any form. I'm a hopeless fangirl myself who happens to love the fictional bad guys, lol. I'm also NOT criticizing fantasizing about fictional characters.
The point is that some fangirls go to the point of saying stuff like "I'd love to have *insert bad guy character here* as a boyfriend" or "I wish *insert evil guy here* was real" and actually believe that guys like that would love them selflessly - which is a bit delusional. Let's face it, fictional "bad guys" wouldn't make the perfect boyfriend/husband/whatever in reality. xD
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VyperbitesHobbyist General Artist
So funny!  Love this version of Sebby!  So sexy also!
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I agree. Wouldn't want to marry Aizen...
I wouldn't mind Shinji though ;P
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The-Solar-LibraryHobbyist Writer
True. It's basically "A relationship like the Joker and Harley." Isn't it?
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KirbehClobbah1Hobbyist General Artist
That guy
Killed someone
With a fork

Let that sink in.
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I honestly don't understand fangirls who always say they want certain fictional characters to be their boyfriend/husband, I always considered my favorite fictional characters as my siblings/family and would rather be adopted by them or be friends with them
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So hilarious. XD This made me laugh out loud. 
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TeenTraveler17Student General Artist
Do Not tell them what we have seen them do. They might think we're secretly after them.
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Seriously though, why do people like Killers so much?
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Lotus-ScarHobbyist General Artist
Cause they're super edgy, usually dislike society, and a lot of killers in media are very attractive looking unlike killers in real life XD
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Attractive? Yeah (even in fiction) "Jeff the Killer" really attractive, this guy just cut his lips an bathed in flour. So yeah, edginess is the only answer.
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Lotus-ScarHobbyist General Artist
True, but some artists portray him in a way that the people like, so that is considered to be "attractive".
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QuestMarkHobbyist Digital Artist
FNAF fandom be like. . .
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ScareCr0weStudent General Artist
*cough cough JOKER cough cough*
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I would shit my pants if Sebastian was real. I mean come on, he is a fucking demon, A DEMON. Demon eat people, or kill them, they can't be your hubby. :iconfacepalmplz:
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Athenaness21Hobbyist Writer
Sorry... which Sebastian?
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From Kuroshitsuji. XD
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Athenaness21Hobbyist Writer
okay, thanks.
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Loki, Foxy, and Jeff the Killer fangirls in a nutshell
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SnivyFennkinGirlHobbyist Traditional Artist
You took the words out of my mouth.
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Much as I adore carnage of hot bishies like Sebastian, if they were real I'd probably just be one of those background fanatics that loves to hear about the murders they committed. Which is terrible, but you get what I mean, right?

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I find that any villain I'm attracted to would be hard maintenance to love. Like, I would have to outsmart him at every turn and/or prove to be a great fighter. I feel like it would also, more often then not, be a kismesitude. Totally ok with that. Might have a matesprite on the side just to screw with them.
Loki would be impossible though considering he has a sort of inability to love, he pities himself more then anyone and is really just centered around that. Any girl who claims to love him would just be used. The best you could hope for is a one-sided kismesis. Where you just steal kisses and tease him a lot.
Eridan Ampora is a whole other story. You can easily get him in any quadrant as long as you pity him a lot. But he'll never actually love you, he'll say he does and you'll go through the normal motions for a relationship but he's really incapable of loving anyone but himself.
Those are the only two I can think of, off the top of my head, that kind of bend the rules.

Anyways, this is hilarious and I'll think about it any time the subject comes around as I used to just silently think: haha, and then he'll stab you.
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snoopcat99Hobbyist General Artist
THANK YOU!  I am so tired of arguing that Grell would most likely kill you once he grew disappointed in you (and I adore Grell--he is my favourite fictional character at the moment) and that Sebastian acts according to expediency only and always will because he is a DEMON with a soul to devour. Ciel is the one who goes on about everyone being a pawn to him but the same is true of Sebastian too.  lol
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