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Star Wars Symbol Custom Shapes

By Tensen01
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[EDIT] Been hearing that some people can't download it, so here's a Dropbox link to the file:…

A few Star Wars symbols

Row 1: Alliance For The Republic(Rebel Alliance), Jedi Order, Galactic Empire, Galactic Senate
Row 2: Jedi order with ring, New Jedi Order, New Republic Department of Research and Development, Black Sun
Row 3: Mandalorians, Galactic Federation of Free Alliances, Confederacy of Independent Systems, Sith Empire
Row 4: Two X-Wing Pilot helmet markings
© 2009 - 2021 Tensen01
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Thank you so much for creating and sharing these!! I'm using them in my scrapbook pages for our trip to WDW!

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Ok, as someone who owns sooooooo many SW sourcebooks and reference books, can I ask what makes 7 specifically the New Republic Department of Research and Development? I own that one as a pin, in fact, and my "Heir to the Empire" sourcebook (printed in 1992, so admittedly, it's not canon anymore, I know) said that the New Republic crest was the Alliance symbol we know so well (a stylized phoenix -- who knew they had phoenixes in the SW galaxy? But I guess if they can have Falcons, why not?) was now surrounded by a ring of stars to represent all the worlds of the New Republic as one community, and the whole thing was trimmed in a rim of gold to "symbolize the right of those people to govern themselves through a representative government."  (Seems like a lot of significance to put on a ring of gold, but whatever.)
Anyway, my point was only that I have only ever seen the stars around the phoenix crest representing the New Republic in general, so I was wondering what made this one the New Rep R&D symbol.
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I don't remember why I said that instead of just "the New Republic" since I clearly used the New Republic stars and not the R&D stars...…
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Oh, long as I am up to date, lol.  After the prequels, the fanfic community--heck, the SW community in general--was less interested in talking about original trilogy and expanded universe/New Republic stories and more focused on the prequel stuff. I never could connect with those movies in the same way as the originals, though. And then the SWEU books got SOOOO bogged down in the Yuuzhan Vong war (and I despised the fact that Han basically had nothing to do with his son after Chewie's death) so I got to a point where I stopped reading.  As a result, I sort of fell out of touch with current fandom.  That's why I asked.  For all I knew, it could have changed and I hadn't known that, lol!  Not like LFL has any qualms about tossing out 20 years of SW "history." Thanks for clarifying.
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what is Mandalorians?
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Mandalorians are human race of warriors living on planet Mandalore. Jango Fett was one of them.
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Oh I didn t know that Thank u :3
Hi! can I use these logos in to my work?
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The symbols are not mine... I can give you permission to use the files which I made, but I can't give you permission to use the symbols
Hey I would like ask did I can use these logos on csgo team ?
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For the Rebellion
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You're missing the Sith Empire logo!
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Empire for ever !
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Nice work! Same here, i was looking for these for ages'
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no fund. link...
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The Download works just fine and there IS a link in the description.
skyguypat's avatar work! :) MTFBWY
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Awesome symbols. :D
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Thank you for this :D
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Thank you very much!
I think i've found my first tattoo thanks!
the link isnt working for me either. do you have them posted anywhere else for download?
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