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Fallout d20 - Made Man

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Made Man

fallout references: His Pose (Vault Boy Made Man), Tommy Gun (FO 1&2)

Pinstripes are a bitch!!!

Pose courtesy of:

*Wookiestock [link]

please see [link] for technique info
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I swear to God this is the essence of badass
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armourplatedlegionHobbyist Artisan Crafter
he would also make a good omerta
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Pinstripes, a bitch... and yet so classy. Also awsome pic.
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LolktnxHobbyist Artisan Crafter
I like it. Alot..
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Miss-ZenithHobbyist Artist
This is great! My first thought when looking at this was "Mister Burrrke!" :P
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BlueLionEyesHobbyist Writer
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Really nice work!
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Youre welcome.
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However, left leg is much longer than his right one. And the angle for the Tommy-gun is a bit wrong.
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The legs are fine, he's standing at an angle, thus giving perspective. If you look at the pose reference I posted in the description you'll see what I mean. And not sure how the Thompson angle is wrong, I used photo reference for that as well.

But thanks.
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I understand your idea, but the leg is still longer than it should be (I showed it another artist and she agrees with me). Plese, follow the link below (it's a free file sharer) and find out what I mean. The man on the right side has shortened leg as I think it should be. And I also tried to demonstrate you how the Tommy-gun should be placed according to this position of the right hand. Otherwise the hand should be turned back a little.

But the work is very good. I like it.)

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Well you better tell Wookiee-Stock he has misproportioned legs because I drew the image directly on top of his photograph and I can think of nothing more correct that the photograph that I used for the pose. As you have it his heals would be on the same level, which would imply a straight-on view. It is not straight on, his left leg is closer to the camera than his right, thus you are also seeing a lot of the top of his foot due to the placement of the Camera.
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Yes, you are right.) Optics distorts space in such a way that it seems very close to reality and we see no differencies. But drawing is another thig: such a distortion seems unnatural because an artist can't depict all the details to make a "real" image.

OK. Having seen the photo, I understood that it's not your mistake.)

Have a nice day and sorry for disturbance. =)
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Looks fantastic, you pulled off the pinstripes perectly!
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yeah I recognise that pose of Made Man from Fallout 2 I think.
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ahhh, the god old fallout games, truly two masterpieces
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CleverNamesAreTakenHobbyist Writer
Great work. That was always my favorite Vault Boy graphic.
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Best combination:
Fallout + 30's Gangsterlook! :D

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you it is funny you should name this fallout d20 because i am running a campaign set in the fallout world using d20 modern... fun fun
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You know this would have made things much simpler.
it took me three or so weeks to get the base down
and then about six worth of play test to hammer out all
the quirks... >.<
c'est la guerre
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