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RP3 - Jax - Poisoned
Burning ...
Everything felt like it was burning ...
It hurt ... It hurt so much ...
Jax stumbled about the forest, clutching at his side as he felt the blood leaking past his fingers, sweat dripping down his skin as he stumbled to a young tree. He'd be so careless - so stupid! He should've been more careful!
The man forced himself to take a deep inhale of air, only to come out as a sharp cough followed by hacking as he felt his throat tightening, which almost made his legs buckle out from underneath him. Already he could feel the poison spreading throughout his left torso near his hip, bringing with it utter hot, blinding pain as the poison brought with it a paralyzing effect to the affected parts of his physic; his head was already throbbing from the utter strain his body was going through as he paused in his attempts to get away from the carcass that laid about half a yard behind him. He shouldn't have taken the creature so lightly as it laid motionless after he had plunged his knife
:icontensaiproductionz:TensaiProductionz 7 13
RP 2 - Jax - Gender Swap
There had been various things that had happened to Jax in his time being a monster hunter - he'd been sent to various dimensions of that had numerous differences in the laws of physics, had his body sliced apart then merged back numerous times by an otherworldly deity, was thrown back and forth through time while his mind was being torn to pieces and sent through the time space, and numerous other changes that he was able to get through without a complaint. However, there was one time that an event truly shook him to his very core during his younger times as a Hunter; he was going after a certain individual when it happened. He only noticed the change when he heard the change in pitch in his voice then the obvious change that was done to him physically, even as he checked himself before stumbling back to his hideout. To further confirm his theory he went straight to a mirrored surface, eyes wide with shock as doom settled into the pit of his stomach.
He was turned ...
Into a woman.
:icontensaiproductionz:TensaiProductionz 6 49
RP - Jax - Confliction Encounter
Death wasn't something new to Jax - he'd experienced it more than once, and he's seen it happen so much that he didn't bother to keep count anymore. It was pointless to do so anyway - it was just another part of his life he had grown to accept - the new normal of his every day life. Yet with this acceptance, there was another realization that haunted him just as frequently.
He felt nothing.
Compassion, satisfaction, relief, annoyance - nothing. He felt not a trace of emotion that his former self would've felt had he been in this position he was currently in. Not even as the Hunter was aiming his Desert Eagle straight at the sniveling creature that was but a mere foot away from his figure. Not even as it begged and pleaded past the blood it was spitting out of its mouth, wetly hacking at more that was building up within its punctured lung. It new, though, that its chances of surviving was slim not only due to the fact how deep they were within the Vermont wilderness, and the fact that i
:icontensaiproductionz:TensaiProductionz 9 200
Jax's Scars (Nudity Warning) by TensaiProductionz
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Morgan, The Tensai
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Pending idea I'm trying to consider-

For these Proxy OCs, if I did use them for a story, there is the possibility that there would've been a character death with these OCs; given that there's variations for Conquest and Famine, I was thinking about either one being killed, then having to be replaced.
The wifi at my house is going to be out until like Monday or so, so for the time being, I'm gonna be hanging at a relative's to use their wifi, and so I won't be on as much sadly. However, when I can, I will be getting back to you guys so please be patient ^^ <3
Been thinking of the possibility of having Jax and any rps/relationships he established to be like AU ideas - variations to the original Jax that doesn't have them at all.

Doing another rewrite of Jax's backstory and universe again, so sorry to those I have RPs with and those with existing attachment to Jax in some form of way-
Okay, so ideas that I have so far to go on his new update-
  • He is a vessel for a demon that had reduced his mind to being like that of a mindless creature - he only cares to attack when commanded and follows the orders that the demon has given them, otherwise he’s just a mindless, soulless vessel.

  • He had intellectual disability when he was born and had a nasty habit of touching and biting things, and numerous tantrums, and this would eventually lead him to be placed into a mental institution.

  • He was born within the years of 1930 and would later die in 1961 from a fire that broke out through the institution, and was one of the many individuals that died in the fire.

  • Has had a lobotomy and ECT (electro shock therapy) done to him, basically making him a thoughtless body with no mind attached to it - which is one of the reasons the demon was able to make him into a vessel.

Jax, why do you do this to me??????

*sighs* Okay, so since I can't make up my mind for anything, Jax is going to be marked as just a character I have that can do monsters hunting; it's still fine for him to be able to encounter well known characters, do rps, do little headcanons, but at this point, doing anything original just isn't fitting well for him - just not until I can get a clear story out there is all.

So until then, this is my decree of my Monster Hunter, Jax.



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