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Luna Special Forces Patch

Want real life version of this patch? See info how to get it there -> [link]

Celestia has the army, but Luna got the special forces!

Motto: "Luna nos custodit"

The Latin on this one, as far as I can tell (but someone who knows Latin probably could correct my mistake if I made any) "Luna watches over us"

Edit: Improving Latin, please stand by...
Edit: Confound these ponies, they drive me to learn Latin!

I've changed the motto to something which supposedly is more grammatically correct.

I've also added the unit name in the upper part of the badge - it's nothing original (most of special forces don't really have original names though), but who knows what nicknames they'll earn for themselves after missions?

So anyway, meet the LSTS - their field of speciality are night ops, special reconnaissance, intelligence gathering... and of course, space operations (guess how did Luna get back from the moon for episode 1 of the series?).
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"The Night shall Last Forever"
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Under UN or regular armed forces, you can begin
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The Latin translate to; "The moon keep us".
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latin is luna vigilat super nos (luna watches over us)
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I went with "custodit" because it fits more with the real meaning of the motto. "Watches over us" is more like protects us/guards us than the literal meaning of "watching".
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The LSTS is an interesting emblem, to be sure.

Do you think Luna only employs batponies, or transforms employees into the nightpony equivalent of their species?
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Luna doesn't discriminate, anypony can join LSTS.

Transformation matter is classified though.
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Ah, wonderful. One always does worry about racial barriers in employment, especially when there are genetically verifiable drawbacks and advantages to each.
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If only people made New Lunar Republic pins or cuff links. Or dress shirts with the logo.
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Can I Use The LSTS For A Fanfic?
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It looks like my picture on my profil (oh I didn't write it rightSweating a little... )
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all i got to say.....

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Several of my older brother's friends had these.

Going to draw up a Fluttershy patch and try to get it printed and shipped to me. Hopefully
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Love that this is based on the USAF Special Operations Command patch.
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aaw man that makes me want to join
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special sniper patches maybe?
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I have some ideas, but I barely have time to work on patches lately, sadly.
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i think there should be a regular lunar infantry patch like the first lunar Rifles or the 25th Lunar Dragoons and such.
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Coming in almost two years later; perhaps Lunar operatives: special tactics (the LOST) would be neater? :)

Bangerang though. Need to get me a patch...
And I thought Celestia Special Forces Patch was awesome.
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It might be WAYYYY too late for this comment to apply, but i can verify the Latin as correct :P

Luna = Luna
Nos = We, Us in accusative case
Custodit = he, she, it watches or monitors
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