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I'll post here and there sometimes!

Colorful things often catch my eye, which is why there's alot of colorful yummy favorites!~ I love the uniqueness of style everyone has too! Veryy unique
I'm currently very into drawing Pokemon! and Sonic's! (and a bit of Kirby and Megamans.. everything~)

I'm going to try to make my own species! (15% complete) So far they've evolved! xDDD they look more elegant! (PAUSED)

I also have a Medibang!... That I sometimes update. It's MilkGen
and an Instagram! It's The_DreamCube

if you ever wanna see how far I've come in my arting skills (and cringe super hard??) take a snoop at my old account :iconchimera-lucas: ...Chimera-Lucas !
it'll for now be dead! but if the government ninja's come after me, I'll migrate over there lol

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Love Shot by socksyy
Love Shot by socksyy organs in jars pixel by LlNGERlE Love Shot by socksyy
You, the reader, might be thinking: "really? a NiGHTS creepypasta?? what's so scary about an anorexic flying jester creature that gets kidnapped and needs the help of two children to free it from its glass prison??" Well I'll tell you what really is truly terrifying about it..

My name is Holly Crums, a 17 year old girl who just got out of the hospital due to completing a trauma based mental health program. While I was leaving the hospital this morning, my mom told me to write a blog all about what happened. So here we are. And here's what happened.

I've always been a SEGA fan since I was a kid, since I was 5 to be exact. My first gaming console was the Sega Dreamcast with my first games being Sonic Adventure and Bangai-0. NiGHTS: Into Dreams was my second game as when I turned 7 my dad got me a Sega Saturn. Although I remember playing Sonic Adventure and Bangai-0 a lot, I don't remember playing them nearly as much as I played NiGHTS: Into Dreams. I remember how smooth the controls were in my controller as I controlled the creature, NiGHTS; catching Nightopians, following the trail of bubbles you have to collect, and performing tricks through hula-hoops to rack up massive amounts of points.
Even though I wasn't at all that very good at it and could only get a ranking of C in each level, that game stuck itself to my brain as the best game ever. I often wished I could've been within the NiGHTS universe so I could've met NiGHTS himself. His long, spindly, body dancing, elegantly, across the sky was a sight I'd hope to eventually see within my own dreams.

As I grew and became friends with the kids at my school, I found interests in other games and their gaming consoles. Such games as Mario Sunshine and Mario Party 6 for the Nintendo GameCube, Parappa the Rapper for PlayStation, and For Frog the Bell Tolls for the GameBoy. Even so, though, my love for NiGHTS stayed the same and unrivaled to other's love for their games. Until my Sega Saturn broke that is. I still have no idea what happened to it other than when I came home from school on a certain Wednesday, as soon as I entered my room to play on it and pressed the power switch to turn it on, it exploded into flames. My dad came in shortly after my mom rushed in and extinguished the flames with our fire extinguisher.
It caught fire the same day it was my birthday. My 9th. I remember crying a lot, screaming about how ruined my birthday was, and refusing to eat any of my cake that my mom made. The rest of the year was terrible, I lost myself in the flames of that fire. The death of my Sega Saturn and with it my NiGHTS: Into Dreams disk. I grew distant from my friends in school, all my grades fell, and I fell into the life style of being more goth than one should. For the next 5 years I was struggling in school, made friends with the worst kids in school, and became increasingly more distant with my parents. Soon my dad would've had enough of this and dropped me off at my grandparent's house. The same day of my 13th birthday.
When my grandparents, Ma' Esple and Pa' Yung, opened the door to see me with only a backpack filled with clothes and dark colored makeup, they ushered me in and immediately proceeded to shower me with love. Within the next month, I had gotten surprisingly better. With grades rising quickly, new nice friends, and myself becoming very close to my grandparents, the next 2 years were a bliss.

Those 2 years reached their peak of blissfulness when on my 15th birthday I received a Nintendo Wii that had a Nightopian painted on its side. I was immediately overcome with joy filled nostalgia as I saw the Nightopian. Seeing my reaction Ma' Esple explained why they chose the design. She said they chose it because of how much I'd talk to them about NiGHTS when I was younger, before the incident. I hugged the both of them, intensely thanking them, before I went back to opening the rest of my birthday presents. I had gotten a copy of Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, Harvest Moon, and Sonic Unleashed. I was a bit disappointed about there not being any NiGHTS game for the Wii but I just accepted it as it was. We ate the cheesecake cobbler they made for my birthday and watch a movie to end the night off with.
That night I had a dream with myself being in a white boxed room with no way out. As a looked around my surroundings I saw my Wii with its side facing me. The side with the Nightopian painted on it. But instead of the painting being there, it was gone! I was puzzled as to where the painting could've gone but as I pondered it I heard a whimper coming from behind the Wii. To my surprise I saw a cute baby like creature walk out from behind, slowly, as if something was watching it. As if it were being hunted. As it came into view I realized it was a Nightopian! Almost instinctively I swooped it up into my arms, cuddling it as if it were a baby kitten. At the same time though I heard a chiming of bells, and the Nightopian grew stiff. It whispered something so faint I could barely hear it as it's eyes tracked something erratic in the sky and grew wide in fear. As I was to look up to see what it was looking at, I was suddenly hit and jolted awake only to see that I had fallen off my bed and it was the morning of Saturday. After Saturday the rest of the year seems like a mediocre blur of events that I can't remember.
A year later it was my 16th birthday, and on that birthday the greatest thing ever happened. I had received a copy of NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams, the sequel to NiGHTS: Into Dreams. And that night, after eating cake and watching a movie with my grandparents, I turned the Wii on and inserted the disk after soaking in the details of the box art and then the disk art. NiGHTS now sported a more flamboyant outfit that gave him a more girlish appearance but he was still recognizable. With his signature crystal blue cat-like eyes and purple jester-like hat.

I adored over the channel screen and its welcoming music and then adored over the entry movie with NiGHTS standing perfectly on the tip top of the clock tower playing his invisible flute. As I watched the movie though, I felt a bit unnerved. Something about NiGHTS' expressions seemed off, odd even. Like he was mildly ticked off about something. Like if someone or thing had woke him from a peaceful slumber only to throw him head first into a world filled with pain and suffering.
"Maybe they've taken a different approach with his personality?", I questioned aloud. "Or with the story.."
As soon as the story ended I was welcomed with the title screen that featured a dull eyed NiGHTS flying across the sky and faking an expression of joy and wonderment. This didn't expression didn't match up to the endless joy he had displayed on channel screen or the box and disk art at all. Even with this detail I continued to start the game, selecting my save file and calling it DrEAMS. Before the screen faded to black I swear that I saw the file's name change from DrEAMS to ARE GONE!

Thinking it was just a trick of my eyes at the time, I continued to play the game as it were intended. I chose to play Helen's story first seeing as we were both girls. After her backstory about how she grew distant from her mother, I get dropped into a garden like place having control over her character. I run forward to see NiGHTS and his new owl friend Owl. I enter in a cutscene as soon as I come close enough to trigger it.
Even though I'd never played nor seen this game before, I knew something was off. Each time Owl said something he'd glance to NiGHTS as if he was making sure he didn't anger the dream creature with what came out of his mouth. Which didn't make much sense, because all he was talking about was why Helen was there and what she'd need to do for now on within the Dream. Then slowly he started closer toward Helen mouthing something, but the subtitles never came up for what he was saying nor did his voice line activate for the string of words he was desperately trying to say. I intensely was trying to read his beak, but then NiGHTS grabbed Owl and flung his being in the opposite direction. Giving an absurdly warm smile, NiGHTS motioned Helen to join hands with him. She does and becomes one with him, with her character model gone and only NiGHTS and Owl's around. The tutorial on how to gracefully fly around began.
I passed the tutorial with flying colors and continued the story until I reached the second Dream World's Door. When I was just about to enter it like I had the first door, Helen froze and walked away from the door. I was puzzled. Why can't I go through the door?? I went back to redo the first door, thinking maybe I needed a higher grade to pass on to the next cluster of stages. As I got closer to the first door though, Helen froze again and walked away from it. Then another cutscene played with NiGHTS gracefully glided over to Helen's side asking her if she'd visited the My Dream garden yet. As she shook her head he pointed to the Door that led to it, explaining what it was about. As the cutscene ended, I figured in order to progress to the next part of the story I'd have to go visit the My Dream garden. As I walked Helen over to the door, I saw NiGHTS from the corner of the screen follow her slowly and Owl just quietly watching.
Helen stepped into the My Dream Garden and was immediately (after a loading screen) met with a ton of Nightopians that she and NiGHTS had rounded up and catch within their glides around the Dream World. They lazed about the garden minding their own as their moods were pretty positive. I lazed around the garden with them for a bit , enjoying their cuteness, before I decided to leave. When I tried to leave though, my game crashed.
Looking over at my clock, I had realized that 5 hours had passed and it was 12AM. Deciding I had had my fair share of playing the game, I unplugged my Wii from the power source to shut it off and went to sleep.

In my dream I dreamed I was Helen; I had beautiful blonde hair tied up into a high pony-tail, a  cute pink coat over a super cute white ruffled shirt and a blue skirt with black leggings. I was just finished with hanging around the Nightopians and getting ready to leave. But just as I touched the door handle, a hush ran through the joyful noises the Nightopians made. Perplexed and curious I turned around to see them gone and in their place carcasses of what once could've been them. I, as Helen, stepped away from the door and started to roam around the My Dream Garden. It smell putrid with the smell of rotting flesh and a strong smell of iron wafting through the dead space. I almost thought of turning back before I saw a familiar figure shadow loom over mine. I turned around and saw NiGHTS, his iris in slits and an oddly warm smile occupying his face. The expression in his eyes didn't match with what his mouth was trying to convey at all.

"Helen, was it?", he started, "or is it DrEAMS?' He was referring to my file's name.
"My name is Holly" I said, forgetting I looked like Helen. "What happened to the Nightopians? Is this Wiseman's doing??"
 NiGHTS' smile grew wide, wide like when you acknowledge a kid's hard work.
"Oh no nonononono.." he shook his head and sat down in the air. "This is my doing Hel- DrE- .....what is your name again?"
"It's Holly"
"Yes, Holly. Uh.. Yes. This is my doing."
Just as he said that I felt a pain go through my side, a pain so sharp like I had actually stabbed myself in the side with a knife. The Garden, at the same time, started to crumble away and NiGHTS quickly scooped me up into his arms. His embrace was cold though and I quickly slipped out of it, going into what seemed like an endless fall. I fell till I hit a marble surface that was littered with parts of the garden and Nightopian carcasses. It didn't hurt since I was in a dream, but I could feel the impact vibrate through my body, Helen's body.
I heard bells chiming and as I looked up I saw NiGHTS standing over me with his right hand taking form as a cake knife.

"Holly, why did you slip away from me? I thought your world revolved around me? I thought you wanted to see me..?" he lifted me up with his left hand and turned me to face him full on.
"Well now you'll be able to see me forever!" his eyes flashed bright as he jammed this cake knife hand into my torso 3 times leaving a gaping wound in my stomach. I howled out in pain as he grinned manically.
"I will be the last thing you'll ever see."

It felt like hours passed as NiGHTS proceeded to tear out my intestines , getting blood all over his outfit and gloves. Surprisingly I didn't black out as I bled out and lost my organs. But I wished I did as after he had finished tearing my organs out he started to eat them as I was forced to watch. I felt sick to my not even there stomach as I then heard my grandma screaming. Suddenly I started to wake up,  and as NiGHTS saw this he screamed out of frustration.
"NO NO NO NONONONONO! You can't leave me now!! I've been so alone! Holly...! Holly.!"

I woke up in a hospital bed with all kinds of things hooked up to me. My stomach felt really weird and I vomited upon waking up. After I was done, my parents and grandparents came rushing in with doctors and nurses following closely. I am told that I had stabbed myself with my grandma's cake knife and proceeded to gut myself as my grandparents walked in to see what all the noise was all about. I was also in that hospital for 9 months after that incident. As my mom and dad asked me why I tried to kill myself, I couldn't answer..
If I told them that it was NiGHTS that stabbed me, they'd clearly not believe me so I lied. I told them that I couldn't remember why. So the doctors scheduled a therapy session for me to attend to for the next 3 months till my birthday.
And I did.
I am now 17, and after I am done writing this I am going to proceed to forget all about video games after my experience and get caught up on school.


Welp, I think I'm going to completely abandon my posting schedule and just upload whenever I can. So expect to see some random updates here and there cat planet cat planet  
I suck at schedules lol. also keep jinxing myself! maybe this week i'll pop a post or something?? or i'll try to lol
Ok ok, I sorta jinxed myself last status. But I swear to prosciutto-! I will tryyyy to get back to my regular posting schedule! 
Wahoo-! I got a post up! Go meeeee~ let's see if I can go back to my regular posting schedule ^^;
why is writing down a plot so hard?? Bunny Emoji-07 (Emoji Cry) [V1]  anyways lets hope that I'll have time to post tomorrow~!


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