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Metal Gear Solid - Psycho Mantis Battle

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Pixel diorama I did last night for Twitter's #Pixel_Dailies theme of Metal Gear.

I initially wanted to do the post-intro scene for Metal Gear Solid where Snake sees the Hind-D in the distance but opted for what I thought was the more iconic battle with Psycho Mantis.
A lot of people were blown away by what happened for sure when the game first came out and the strategy for the battle itself was a window to what Hideo Kojima's madness would
bring us with the new age of technology that was coming forth.

Also, I'm excited for The Phantom Pain.
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Favourite if you defected Psycho Mantis without change controls.

Good job with the draw.
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This is so amazing
This is amazing on so many levels.
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You seem to like Legend Of Zelda, do you?
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igen :D
nagyon szerettem azt a bossfightot.egyszerüen az a szöveg amit lenyom zseniális.
Ráadásul Visornak is ő volt a kabalája (akinek feltörték a csatornáját)
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A szöveg nagyonkibaxotszuperjó xdD
(de KI volt azzzzzzz aki feltörteeeeeeeee Q_Q )
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(wyads törte fel Visor csatornáját)
a játék ahogy kinéz hát... van ahol szép,van ahol nem annyira (pl:snake szemei),de még attól még jól el lehet vele lenni :D
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Én nem merek játszani me BÉNA vagyok a lopakodással és beizzadok az izgalom miatt x'D
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XD.amúgy eléggé macerás először az irányitás.
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I just saw this on FB. :B
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Wow the detail alone is amazing and the colour palette is spot on! I particularly like the HUD displays!
Well done, one of the best MGS arts I've ever seen definitely :thumbsup::+fav:
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Yeah. Even Today[[My first time ever playing through the MGS series. I started playing them in September-ish and beat MGS1 in about 3 or 4 days. I beat MGS2 in about 1 or 2 days. I beat MGS3 in about a day and I beat MGS4 in less than a day..
Either way, even for being older games and I'm just now playing them when there are things with much better graphics, I have to say I absolutely love these games for their story and the art too. I also think the graphics are fine..

This is fantastic, I love how it turned out. You should be proud of this!!
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This is by far one of the most creative boss battles I've have the pleasure of experiencing. The idea that Psycho Mantis can make your controller vibrate and even see what games you have stored on your memory card (just a select few, I forgot which games he'll comment on) is just iconic for a '98 video game. Your pixelated room and characters bring a nice touch and nostalgic memories (I believe I was 11 when I played this, not exactly sure). 

I'm also very eager for Phantom Pain to be released, it looks sooo good. I'm also glad Kojima is bringing back MGO, it was actually the first game I played online multiplayer on, back in Guns of the Patriot before it got cancelled. 

Anywho, I digress, great work! Clap 
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Epic! I love that part of the game, was so intense and creative with the controller and the vibrations.
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I love how it looks!
Also Metal Gear Solid facebook likes it!:…
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