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Elcan SpecterDR

elcan scope,lowpoly model is about 3.1k tricount.the lens need more work i think.
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Would you be willing to share the 3d file for it? Love how it looks!
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OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DID YOU TEXTURE IT TOO????????
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texture almost done,render in xoliul shader.but the lens looks quite bad.
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Have a look at cubemap textures and fresnel for lens. I'm not sure if xoliul's shader supports them though.
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thnaks,xoliul shader support cubemap.but i want my lens texture itself look nice.
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Well, i never did that, then probably try to mimic the look by adding some distorted and blurred reflections (black/brown-ish down, white/blue up) to the diffuse and fade them out where the reflection angle would be smallest in 1st person camera? But it still should be rather in emissive texture to not be shaded.
In game it wouldn't make much sense though. If it already has 3.1k tris, it shouldn't be a problem in performance to add a cubemap.
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i will try as your suggestion.i never used udk or cry engine sdk,maybe i should spend some time to learn how to use them.

and thanks again, you're very helpful.
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Really nice, if you have time for textures, i can bring you some nice tuts on this.
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yes,i really need some tuts for lens texture,please tell me where can i find some.
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