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Pinkie Pie cosplay sign

Pinkie Pie :3
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Yes, Pinkie.
I-Am-Alta-Cleff's avatar
awe can i slightly copy this cosplay? i was hoping i could find a minimalist pinkie cosplay on my own, just for Wasabi con. and if yes can i see the full cosplay? thanks for your time.
PinkieShyFIM's avatar
I need that wig!!
xXFailsXxx's avatar
I don't know if you knew, or gave permission, but I was looking for a wig for a pinkie pie cosplay... and BAM! This girl's adorable face! Here's the link. [link]
TaquitoQueen's avatar
no i dont like cupcakes......I LOVE THEM!!!!!!
Humanloather's avatar
That girl is friggen adorable. And, while I'm not in the mood for EATING meat flavored pastries... I sure do like to MAKE them... *licks sharp end of butcher knife*
TomZoner's avatar
Yeah, I like cupcakes, Pinkie! Just as long as there are no strands of rainbow-coloured hair in any of them... :fear:
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starblinky's avatar
Yes I like your cupcakes :)
Legrandzilla's avatar
dang straight I do! Dont eat too many, Everypony!:iconcupcakeplz:
Nikki-Derp's avatar
I get the joke XD But I'm still too afraid to read the fanfic I would rather read the alternate ending
Extreme-G's avatar
I think it's so funny that many people are saying "YES! I love cupcakes" without knowing the joke XD
zidzel's avatar
i like *cupcakes*
zinghi's avatar
shadowlancelot's avatar
cupcakes(mlp) or cupcakes(fancfic)?

have a pinkie in your head
DashaShirokova's avatar
Это наверно самый лучший косплей Пинки Пай
333hf333's avatar
Yes. I especially love making them out of my 'friends'.
Lily-Lithium's avatar
oh god no.. that fan fic was terrible!
333hf333's avatar
What? She's a good role model!
Lily-Lithium's avatar
Not when she's chopping up her friends and making them into cupcakes!
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