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Gadget cosplay Comiccon2015 Russia

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Incredibly lovely.
Oh, the memories 

Nice Work!! Clap :happybounce: Clap 
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Awesome costume
I bet you got to talk to a lot of fans
Thanks for sharing

Be well
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aha-ahah -ahahaa wait til Plauge of Gripes sees about this! muhahahah
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"Some, times.. Some, crimes.. Go slippin' through the cracks..."

And just like that you got it stuck in my head!!

.....Thanks. ;)
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So so so so cuuuuttteeee!!! XD
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Oh my goodness.   Gadget was my childhood crush!  haha   Great job!  looks absolutely adorable!  :)
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You are so adorable.  Also, she was always my absolute favorite character in pretty much all the cartoons I watched at the time.  :D
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Very beautiful!
And Happy Halloween! 
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Awesome :D
I used to love Rescue Rangers

...say no to the TPP that will make this kind of creativity a crime
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My childhood lives!
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Рыжая версия смотрится несколько непривычно, но весьма мило =)
Ridiculously cute.  Like, painfully so.  Very well done :)
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Now this is awesome. =)
Lol, i was in love with gadget when i was a kid, always thought that she was a hottie, guess i was right :P.
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This is adorable. 
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Amazing cosplay! Loved that show as a kid
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