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GLaDOS cosplay

GLaDOS - Portal 2
Cosplay by me :3

Я действительно очень плохо знаю английский язык :3
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Bruh this is cringe

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OH MY GOD! How did you do this??? It is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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If sometime you need a Test Subject, I offer mysekf as a tribute *w*

You are awesome.
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Искреннее спасибо! Космос-к-к-космос
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Hey there. Totally digging this cosplay. Curious though, for the Aperture Science logo what did you do to put it on the body suit?
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omg I found you! :- DD
She's pretty but idk... I kind of pictured GLaDOs to look more mature and seductive. She has an awfully young looking face, so the cosplay doesn't suit her.
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Very nice! :D
I like the little eye...headpiece...thing~ :heart:
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I want that cosplay *-*
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Это просто поразительно *О*
Такая каноничность, да и образ выдался на славу. Если не секрет, как Вы сделали эту маску?~
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this is totally amazing
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this is damn awesome, glados looks very neat this way.
Also a nice interpretation of how it could look if it was humanoid :3

удивительный косплей!
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You won't kill me? D'aww. That's the nicest thing a girl's ever said to me. XD

Also it's a very nice picture. :3
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This is amazing!!!! =D
How did you make the head piece?
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I really love this cosplay, the costuming is great, it looks amazing. A wonderful representation of GLaDOS.
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Mmkay, mmkay. I'll just ask the scientists poisoned by the neurotoxins.
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